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Brain exercises for seniors – Great games to play to improve the mind


Do cognitive functions decline with age?

Some scientists used to think that way. They believed that after middle age, cognitive abilities will gradually decline. But this has been proven false.

Throughout a person’s life span, his or her brain continues to change and develop. That means some areas of thinking will improve, while others will get weaker.

The good news is for the parts of the brain that could decline, there are interventions that can help slow down the process. These include activities such as brain training games or exercises.

That said, here are some brain exercises for seniors that can help improve memory, concentration, and reaction times.

Word Games

Scrabble, boggle, crossword puzzles are just some of the best word games for seniors. The great thing about them is they give the brain a good workout and a lot of them are free to play online.


There’s a reason why bingo is one of the most popular games for old people.

For one thing, it’s a social game. It brings people together from all over the community. Plus, it gives even the most introverted seniors the chance to talk to their seatmates while the numbers are being called.

It’s also fun to play with people of all ages. Now, if you don’t have a bingo set at home, there are many free templates online. You can print out different bingo cards if you’re playing with your children and grandkids at home.


You can’t train your brain with puzzles that aren’t challenging enough. That’s why Sudoku is ideal if you’re looking for something other than word puzzles to stimulate your mind.

If you find the numbers intimidating though, don’t worry. There are tutorials online to help you learn more about the game. Just think of sudoku puzzles as crossword puzzles, but with numbers.

More Brain Exercises for Seniors

Brain games aren’t the only way to engage your mind. Doing arts and crafts, as well as learning a new language can help you strengthen mental functioning.

If anything, this gives you a good excuse to enroll in a class and make new friends. Now, if you don’t know which classes or groups to join, consider if it will help you keep learning and if it will let you use all of your senses.

The more a class or group satisfy those two conditions, the more likely you’ll reap significant brain health benefits.

Keep Your Mind Active at Any Age

Aging is inevitable. Cognitive decline, on the other hand, doesn’t have to be a sure thing for you.

Brain exercises, arts and crafts, learning a new language, and more can help you stay mentally fit as you age. Don’t forget it doesn’t matter how old you are. Your brain can change and develop if you give it enough stimulation.

For more brain exercises for seniors, activities, and other related tips and advice, feel free to browse our site. We also have articles on different topics including finance, food, travel, movies, books, and so on.

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