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Canada’s cannabis friendly provinces – from worst to best


On October 17th 2018, recreational use of cannabis in Canada became legal across the country. In Quebec, people lined up early at the SQDC Cannabis stores scheduled to open that day – ready to light up in celebration. There were many considerations involved in legalization and each province had the jurisdiction to set their own rules and put forth regulations – with some far more lenient than others. Even cities were allowed to set some of their own rules. So where do they stand now? Which is Canada’s cannabis friendly provinces in the country? The ‘Growth-Op’ recently put together a ranking of ‘Canada’s cannabis-friendly provinces – from worst to best’.

Cannabis is legal in Canada

The site was launched in anticipation of cannabis legalization by the Postmedia Network in June of 2018 – with a mandate to offer a ‘comprehensive source of current and credible information for industry professionals, investors and consumer’. They analyzed data based on ‘price, consumption habits, retail, public consumption options and the rules on growing at home’ and then put together a list of the ten provinces from one (the best) to ten (the worst). You might, or might not, be surprised at the results:

1 – Newfoundland & Labrador

2 – Alberta
3 – British Columbia

4 – New Brunswick

5 – Ontario

6 – Nova Scotia

7 – Prince Edward Island

8 – Saskatchewan


*As they state on their website, ‘With sales restricted to consumers 21 years of age or older and home-growing forbidden, Quebec makes consumers work for their high. The restrictions have likely just made the unregulated market more appealing, with lower prices than the tightly regulated SQDC. But even those lucky enough to get their hands on some quality bud may find themselves without a place to legally light up. The grass is a little greener in Montreal, which allows connoisseurs and novices alike to smoke wherever tobacco is allowed, but the province is definitely easing into the industry at its own pace’.

Well, the province is not number 10, the worst. That ranking goes to:

10 – Manitoba

By: Bonnie Wurst – info@mtltimes.ca

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