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Earth to Body – Love Your Baby with Kangaroo care


This is our Earth to Body baby, Sidney Roy, proud son of Heidi and Steph, whom many of you have met at the shows or here locally at our La Boutique Earth to Body.  Sidney is new to the world, new to Kangaroo Care and Baby Massage and loving every minute.
       “In the early 1980s, two pediatricians in Bogota, Colombia, made waves around the world for a new method of caring for premature babies. The method, called Kangaroo Care, was so named because of how it resembles marsupial care giving: A mother snuggles her baby, upright, against her bare chest for long periods of time.”
Although the male kangaroo may depart, our fathers stay.   They cuddle, coo and massage their baby.  Both Heidi and Steph practice skin to skin with Sidney and they are seeing their baby thrive.  Sidney smiles all the time.
Kangaroo care was first practiced in preemies, but is now wisely extended to full term babies. Like Sidney.  It makes sense.  Who does not want to feel, smell and absorb the warmth of nurturing comfort, love and security?
Baby massage is just as important.   It benefits all over, the legs, the belly, the neck, the arms, the heart, the soul.  Our Organic Baby Package is for delicate, new-to-the–world skin, pure, simple and nourishing.  Sidney loves the Baby Love Oil.  It not only aids in the art of the massage itself, but it moisturizes and feeds the skin the needed nourishment.  Both Heidi and Steph regularly massage Sidney.

Sidney loves the baby castile soap, all over. Its purity and simplicity is meant for soft, delicate skin and contains no essential oils. He also loves the Castile Moringa, which is renowned for its gentle approach to sensitive skin. It can be purchased separately from the baby package. Both soaps can be used head to toe. It is not necessary to buy commercial baby shampoos where there is the danger of too many irritants. A good cold processed soap works just fine.
A baby’s diaper area loves the Neem Salve. It is gentle and effective, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. It is a simpler version of our adult neem salve, made especially for a baby’s new and sensitive skin.
The Lavender Rose Linen spray has many uses. It can used to freshen the room, disinfect baby changing table, spritzed on and around the crib area to disinfect and also to calm the baby. Lavender works wonders on relaxing the soul.
Consider truly natural products for your own baby, all babies. Ask Sidney. He’s a believer.
Heidi and Steph are teaching Sidney baby sign language and pretty soon he will be able to ask for his own ‘spa day’. “Massage me please, Mama.”   “Sing to me, Papa.”
We, at Earth to Body, wish you all a Happy Valentine’s.

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By Martha Shannon


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