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Earth to Body healthy soap Emu-Neem is for all kinds of skin conditions


Earth to Body healthy soap – Soap is soap, right? Wrong! There is bad soap, good soap and then there is Earth to Body healthy soap ‘Emu-Neem’. Our first recipe for this soap was a test. We decided to try something different. Something anybody could use, but also if you were sick and tired of reacting to regular soap. If you have dry skin or skin that is oily. If you tend to break out of have allergic reactions to perfumes and fragrances. Whatever the case may be. Or, if you just want the most amazing soap ever, then Earth to Body healthy soap Emu-Neem is for you.

Now don’t me wrong. All of our homemade soaps are extraordinary. But the Emu-Neem soap has experienced some amazing stories over the years. This is one story that comes form the One of a Kind Show in Toronto where we have so many loyal customers.

I am really busy on the Saturday. Packed booth. I am spending time with a young girl, relating the extraordinary benefits of emu oil.

I explain, “The oil is so great to use on your skin, but in conjunction with the emu neem soap, it’s like magic happening. Emu and neem together, being anti bacterial and anti fungal, with the benefits of organic oatmeal and patchouli. Your skin is so clean and fresh after use.” She is looking at the ingredient listing when another lady comes over and picks up six emu neem bars

“ WELL! You like the soap I guess,” smiling at her familiar face and at my customer.

She turns to the young girl and says “I have been buying from this company for 7 years. My son had terrible eczema and was in so much discomfort. I meet Heidi one day and she sold me the emu oil and this fantastic emu neem soap.” She looks at me, “ Your company and products changed my life and the life of my family.”

She has tears forming so I reach over to hug her. We have at least 6 people listening to her now and I feel so happy to be there to share. The young girl grabs 2 and another lady takes 4. In the matter of 10 minutes, 14 emu neem soap are purchased. I have never felt so good about being a part of a company that helps someone so much. I thank the lady for sharing her story. She is still a loyal customer today and we hug every time we see each other.

Our sign reads, ‘Once you have tried this soap, no other will do.’ This story is just one testimonial.

Our emu neem soap continues to be a best seller. We have made two other soaps using the same base recipe. Smart idea.

Argan Tamanu Soap and Nori Neem Soap

Remember: There’s soap and there’s OUR SOAP.

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