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Effective, safe weight loss


By: Donna Coupé


There are so many diets and weight loss methods available that it can make one dizzy!  Of course the best diet is not to have to go on one but rather to eat healthy, whole foods that are right for your body.   But the reality is that sometimes we reach a point where we need to follow a structured eating program and learn some new eating habits. Following a diet for weight loss should be a fixed and short-term event as we learn to eat a healthy and balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight.

Ideally one needs to find a program that is easy to follow, easy to stick with, and one where hunger and cravings are not issues.  One such diet, which is safe, effective, and medically developed, is by Ideal Protein and is one of the main diet programs offered at Viva Santé.  The KEY to losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is by controlling insulin levels.  Insulin is produced by the pancreas and has 2 roles: to get sugar into our cells thereby reducing blood sugar and to store fat.  With the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, the carbohydrate and fat intake is significantly reduced thereby keeping blood sugar and insulin levels low.  This allows the pancreas to take a break by producing less insulin.

Unlike many diets where one simply cuts calories, this type of a protein diet allows the body to burn fat reserves while preserving lean muscle mass and hence, increasing the metabolic rate.  The key is to reeducate your pancreas and to produce only the right amount of insulin needed.  The result is rapid weight loss with a refined silhouette.

Because foods rich in carbohydrates are so readily available and because in our busy lives we tend to find less time to cook leading us to purchase pre-packaged and processed foods, we tend to eat way to many carbohydrates (all foods which turn to glucose once the body absorbs them, including sugars, bread, pastries, cereals, rice, pasta, and starchy vegetables).  An important element that is often left out of a meal or is eaten in too small quantity is protein.

Proteins help to build all that is vital in our body including our muscles, hair, hormones, enzymes and heart.  They help to keep us full longer and also keep blood sugar levels down when eaten with carbohydrates.  Therefore, eating proteins at every meal is important.  Particularly during weight loss, it is important to eat a good amount of protein (half your ideal body weight) in order to maintain the muscle mass so that more calories are burned.

Following a diet with adequate amounts of high quality protein and the minimal amount of carbohydrates, allows the body to enter ketosis, where the body then feeds off its own fat cells and you lose weight in all the right places.  As a bonus, ketosis is a natural appetite suppressant and craving buster!

Finally, most of you would probably agree that one of the main reasons people fail to lose weight is because they lack WILL POWER.  Well guess what?  The latest research tells us that the one thing that helps to control will power the best is having low blood sugar levels and therefore keeping insulin levels low.

Our diet plan will not only help you to lose weight quickly and safely, but also help you to develop new eating habits so that you can maintain a healthy weight thereafter.  Weekly visits with a naturopath and weight loss coach are an essential part of the journey.

Start a diet with us by February 28 and receive 5 free sessions of INOVO infratherapy (to assist with weightloss by boosting the metabolism) at no charge (a $225 value). 


Whether you have 10 or 100 lbs to lose, we can help you not only to lose weight in a healthy fashion, but also to keep it off.  Call today for a free initial consultation!

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