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Guide to buying the right CBD vape cartridges


Are you ready to join the vaping world? CBD vape cartridges have grown in popularity because it’s a convenient and simple way to get your daily dose of CBD while on the go. Because vaping has become such a big phenomenon there are more product offerings than ever. New brands have popped up all over the internet selling CBD vape cartridges and products. How can you be sure that you are buying the right CBD vape cartridges and purchasing quality product?

Before you purchase your first CBD vape cartridge check out this guide to buying CBD vape cartridges. It’s important to make well-informed decisions that way you don’t waste your money.

Buying the right CBD vape cartridges

First off, what are CBD vape cartridges?

CBD vape cartridges are small and slim containers that are filled with cannabinoid-infused juice for vaping. They are flavoured with terpenes and fruit extracts. These cartridges contain between 0.5 and 1ml of vape juice. Most CBD vape cartridges are marketed as being refillable. The truth is most of them don’t last past two hundred draws.

Here are some important factors you should consider when purchasing a CBD vape cartridge.

How much does it cost?

Understandably the price of a product is an essential factor. Just because a CBD vape cartridge is expensive doesn’t mean it’s the better value. For example, paying $50 for a 100mg CBD cartridge is much smarter than buying a 50mL for $30. While you might be attracted to the cheaper price you have to decide whether you’ll be getting your money’s worth by taking the cheaper way out. If you use CBD every day it makes more sense to save money by purchasing the 100ml CBD vape cartridge.

Also, the more potent a CBD vape cartridge is, the fewer draws you’ll need to experience the desired effects. Cartridges that contain high levels of CBD tend to last longer so they are also worth the investment.

Laboratory tested CBD products

For your safety, you should only purchase CBD vape cartridges from reputable vendors whose products are laboratory tested. The CBD industry is unregulated which means that there are no standards that have been set by the FDA that govern how CBD is manufactured. A CBD vape cartridge that has been thoroughly tested by a third party and the results are available to the public you can be sure that you are purchasing a quality CBD product. A lab test will reveal the extraction method that was used to produce the CBD vape cartridge, the CBD to THC ratio, and the other cannabis compounds available in the vape juice.

Find Out the Ingredients

The ingredients should be closely studied before you decide to buy it. Some companies try to increase they’re profits and save on production costs by manufacturing products of dubious quality. To recreate the aesthetical side of smoking some manufacturers use vegetable glycerin which enables the person vaping to produce large billowing clouds of smoke.

Finding out the ingredients it’s also important because you don’t want to buy a CBD vape cartridge that contains harmful substances like vitamin E substitute or other ingredients that can be bad for your lungs and overall health.

What Is the Potency?

Of course, you will want to know how potent a CBD vape cartridge is before you make a purchase. After all, you don’t want to end up consuming more CBD than you need. Regularly using a high strength CBD vape will increase your tolerance and over time you’ll

more CBD to help alleviate your pain or calm your anxiety.

Choose High-Quality Vape Products

There are a few different methods you can use to determine the quality of a CBD vape cartridge. They include:

Finding out the extract type

There are two forms of CBD extract; CBD isolates and full spectrum hemp extract. Isolates are raw and pure CBD. Full-spectrum hemp CBD also contains other components of the cannabis plant such as terpenes, THC, and phytochemicals.

According to scientific research CBD extracts that contain other components of the cannabis plant are much more effective because the components all work together to help you get the desired effects.

Source location

The source location or the agriculture conditions the cannabis plant was grown under also attests to the quality of the CBD. Non-Gmo and organic cannabis plants contain no traces of pesticides which makes for the best quality CBD.

Extraction Process

By using ethanol manufacturers can extract CBD from the plant without compromising the quality of the CBD. This is an expensive process. CBD can also be extracted using Carbon dioxide which is cheaper but leaves traces of the solvent behind.

Now, let me ask you again. Are you ready to start vaping?

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