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How to spot schizophrenia symptoms and how to cope with them


Being diagnosed with schizophrenia is depressing to happen to you or a loved one. Being unable to distinguish reality from delusions is both scary and confusing if you have someone that you love experiencing this condition. The person with this diagnosis would be unable to control their emotions fully, have an inability to stick to their reality, and not function properly in the society overall.

With the technology and all the research that relates to his mental disorder, albeit not having any cure, there is still hope for recovery. Schizophrenia is something you can recover from, with the right treatments, medication, love, and support, a patient could manage the symptoms attributed with this disorder and may very well be considered healthy again.

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that significantly distorts the way a person thinks, behaves, and interacts with the world around him/her. This mental disorder dramatically affects a person’s perception that it alters the reality for the patient. It includes distressing symptoms like having delusions, hallucinations, voices in their heads, etc. It can also affect how they interact with the surroundings and with the people around them, even in simple daily activities like eating, bathing, and the like. This could frustrate the person so much that they would attempt to medicate themselves if not treated properly, leading to alcohol and substance abuse.

There are also times where they withdraw from the world and outcast themselves from society. This could very well lead to paranoia and depression. With such distress, they might do self-harm and eventually suicide, that is possible during one of their psychotic episodes.

Schizophrenia is a chronic disorder and must be treated immediately upon the first signs of the symptoms. Unlike how they portray it in the media as something that you cannot recover from, in reality, it is hopeful. With all the research done on this mental disorder, there are a lot of treatments available, which are optimized for people who are diagnosed with this condition.

Signs and Symptoms

In some cases, schizophrenia can happen without any signs or any warning. For some people, the symptoms can occur one at a time, slowly. They could be spotted with varying frequency and duration and will eventually lead into the first severe psychotic episode. With the slow progress of the disorder, friends and family might notice subtle signs but couldn’t figure out what is wrong.

In the first stages of schizophrenia, one might notice a wave of being unmotivated and eccentricity and wanting to be left alone. The person will have a degree of paranoia, having an unkempt appearance, and whispering out of context words and phrases. Also, the person might develop and indifference to others and lose their passion for things they love.

Take note that these symptoms can not only root from schizophrenia but could also be caused by other mental disorders. You might want to ask a second opinion from another doctor if you think that is the case.


There is a plethora of treatments and medication that could help the patient recover from schizophrenia. The most crucial of them all is to have the willingness to cooperate with these treatments and the positive outlook that you will be healthy again in the future.

As schizophrenia being a chronic disorder, the patient should never stop the medication to avoid having relapses. Medications for this disorder could last a lifetime and should never cease even if the patient is feeling better already. This is to prevent the resurfacing of symptoms and episodes.

The medication used to treat is disorder is to reduce psychotic symptoms, duration, and frequency. While it is not a cure for this mental disorder, it could make the life of the patient easier as the condition will be more manageable and bearable, but not make it disappear in its entirety. Such medication could include Geodon. This drug is usually employed by doctors to treat social withdrawnness, inability to express things, and their lack of motivation. It is acquirable with a Geodon coupon.

Therapies also exist to make schizophrenia more manageable. It could help the patient be more attuned to his/her feelings, stress, emotions, and outlook. Also, having someone to talk to could be beneficial, especially if the patient is in a group that is in the most likely in the same situation and condition as him/her.


Schizophrenia is a devastating mental disorder to have. It could put a heavy toll on you and your family. Make sure to support each other during these trying times, especially the one who is diagnosed with the said disorder. These treatments and medications are all good, but without the love and support of loved ones, they are not at all useful.

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