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Rosewater natural and organic skincare – Earth to Body


Rosewater natural and organic skincare – Cleopatra and Persian princesses bathed in rosewater. We should be so spoiled.

Discover the powers of rosewater to enhance your skin.
Choose 100% natural distilled rosewater without the added chemicals.

We have 3 wonderful products with the main ingredient as organic rosewater: Baby Lavender Rose SprayLavender Linen Spray and Facial Toner.

We hear accolades all the time.

• “Since using your facial toner my skin has never looked better.”
• ‘I use the Baby Lavender Spray to cleanse my baby instead of wipes.  He calms when I spritz his bedding.”
• “I travel with my Linen Spray.  Great for hotel rooms to freshen, plus it acts a great travel deodorant.”

Earth to Body’s rosewater is imported from California.   Our original Canadian source, unfortunately, added a chemical preservative, under pressure from companies who sought to increase the ‘shelf life’. Pure and perfect rosewater has a shelf life, as do all natural products and if you let it sit around too long, it will ‘go off’.  This is actually a positive, meaning it is free of chemical preservatives. Used daily, it is healthy, nutritious and good for you.  If you spritz daily, as you will want to do, our rosewater products will be used up within a few months and need not be refrigerated.  If you do wish to keep them longer, cool is always best.

Rosewater calms. Feeling stress. Can’t sleep? Spritz.
Rosewater clears the skin of excess oils and clog pores.  Excellent on all skin issues.
Rosewater refreshes the skin.  It moisturizes, revitalizes, hydrates.
Rosewater fights bacteria in infections, scars, cuts, wounds.
Rosewater on the scalp helps with dandruff, mild inflammations.

If you have roses in your garden you can make your own pure rosewater with the petals and distilled water.  There are lots of recipes out there. But if it is necessary to purchase cut roses, beware. Agricultural chemicals, including some of the most toxic pesticides are huge in the cut flower industry, so if you cannot grow your own, buy organically grown and fair trade cut roses.

Make pure rosewater a part of your daily regime. Just know the source! You are always safe with one of our beautiful blends. Your skin will love you.

We stand behind our products. We give great customer service. Visit our online store:  natural.ca.  Subscribe to our newsletter. Check out our BIOS. Meet us in person at the shop.

‘La Boutique Earth to Body’,  89 Lucerne, Pointe Claire, QC

H9R 2V1.  Write to us at info@natural.ca

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