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The Pros and Cons of HGH Treatment


HGH or human growth hormone is touted as a cure-all. It is associated with youth because it is used by the body to fuel growth in childhood. However, the body continues to make it throughout life. It triggers tissue regeneration and tells the body to maintain an active, healthy state. When HGH levels drop, you are at increased risk of osteoporosis, muscle loss, increased fat accumulation and slower healing from injuries. For more information about HGH, you should consult with a physician like those at https://rxhormone.com

The Pros of HGH Treatment

HGH stimulates growth and regeneration of tissues. This is why it is a standard treatment for muscle wasting, whether it is due to a degenerative genetic disorder, the latter stages of the HIV virus or the aftermath of being left bedridden. HGH treatment can halt osteoporosis, muscle loss and other degenerative conditions that are common as we age. More importantly, it doesn’t have the side effects that some of the treatments for these disorders cause. For example, some of the most common osteoporosis meds cause nausea, dizziness or reduced kidney function. HGH doesn’t increase the risk of certain reproductive cancers the way estrogen supplements do in middle-agedwomen, either.

HGH treatment allows you to fight osteoporosis, muscle loss, the slowing of the metabolism and reduced rate of tissue repair that come with age. It is based on real science. A side benefit of HGH is that it doesn’t interfere with many medicines, and it won’t cause issues if you’re taking vitamins, mineral supplements or on a strict diet. For example, HGH can fight osteoporosis without increasing your risk of developing kidney stones or affect your body’s processing of other medications.

You don’t have to micromanage your diet and lifestyle in a vain attempt to increase HGH levels naturally if you’re getting a controlled dose. For example, you aren’t trying to manage on a 500 calorie diet for two weeks, controlling what times you eat or avoiding entire food groups in the hope of increasing HGH levels naturally.

Observations about HGH Treatment

HGH is a hormone that is not easily absorbed through the digestive tract. This is why patients with growth disorders, muscle wasting or other severe health problems receive HGH via injections, not an oral pill. That is also why HGH supplements sold at the drug store are a scam though you can take estrogen-containingbirth control pills. Effective HGH treatment requires a medical prescription and injections. It is also a powerful hormone that affects the rest of the body.

The Cons of HGH Treatment

HGH can cause edema or an accumulation of fluids in the body. This will worsen existing cases of carpal tunnel syndrome.

It can interfere in your fat and sugar metabolism. For example, HGH can cause high cholesterol levels. It may increase your risk of diabetes, though being able to lose belly fat may reduce your risk of developing diabetes. However, HGH is dangerous if you have cancer, since it can contribute to the growth of the tumors. Talk to a doctor about your existing health conditions before you try HGH.

Real HGH is expensive. This means that many online pharmacies sell counterfeit HGH, and that is a health risk in and of itself. Only get HGH from a real doctor and legitimate pharmacy.

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