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Things you should know about an alcohol detox


Unbeknownst to some people, performing a self-administered alcohol detox at home may actually be quite dangerous as a complete withdrawal is often difficult to handle by oneself. It is imperative to deal with substance abuse in a safe manner and the top practice for dealing with alcohol addiction and reliance is by detoxing at a rehab facility instead as it is carried out by medical professionals. 

Alcohol withdrawal treatment right at home

While there is no place like home, undertaking an alcohol detox at home is dangerous when one lacks knowledge on the timeline and risks accompanying alcoholic withdrawal. Though we understand why people choose to detox at home because of comfort and assurance, it is still highly advised that one seeks professional help when choosing to detox.

The dangers of alcohol detox and withdrawal at home

The body may exhibit withdrawal symptoms when one abruptly stops drinking. Often these symptoms are a pain and long-lasting. Symptoms may include hallucinations and sometimes even heart failure. In situations like these, medication may be administered to help with the process.

Sometimes during the withdrawal treatment, symptoms may be so strong that people resort to alcohol consumption again. This lands them in a vicious cycle of constant addiction and quitting. One factor that may fuel alcohol addiction is one’s environment. Hence, it is useful to enroll in an inpatient program where alcoholic triggers around you can be removed.

In addition, not only do people deal with their addiction, but some people may also suffer from other medical conditions and look to alcohol as a coping mechanism. The sudden cessation of alcohol may aggravate these conditions. In some cases, people may not even know they suffer from certain mental health disorders due to constant alcohol consumption.

A medical facility provides one with the right environment and necessary help when it comes to battling their addiction and other related medical conditions.

The choice to self-detox from alcohol from your house

While we recommend seeking rehab first, there may call for situations where one has to self-detox. Here are some factors to take note for a successful and safe self-detox:

  • Remove alcohol:  Avoid alcohol cravings by removing all alcohol as well as alcohol triggers from your hope. This way you will not be led into temptation.
  • Clear out your timetable: Take a temporal break from work and other responsibilities so that you can invest full effort into recovering and coping with the withdrawal treatment. 
  • Get support from a friend or loved one: Find someone to monitor and keep you secure during your withdrawal treatment while you are at home. They could be a friend or a loved one. It is important that they are able to contact medical support should your symptoms grow too painful.

Foods to consume during your self-detox

Remember to eat as metabolic changes in your body may occur due to the sudden lack of alcohol. Food helps to provide important nutrients during withdrawal.

Always hydrate

The symptoms of withdrawing from alcohol may last from two to three days and affect your appetite. Other symptoms that one may experience are a drop in energy, anxiety, depression, nausea, and even vomiting. Constant hydration helps to combat this as it battles the toxins in your body. Drinking water, juice, and soupy meals are ways one can hydrate themselves.

Begin with a balanced diet

The moment you are allowed to eat solid foods, it is imperative that you try to achieve a healthy diet. This means consuming foods from different food groups; in the appropriate amounts no less so that your calorie needs are met. You should also consume a fair amount of vegetables and fruits, but be sure not to forget your whole grains and protein sources as well.

Having a balanced diet is one of the most important things one needs to concentrate on during their withdrawal treatment. Eat the right caloric amount, with plenty of fiber sources and a good balance of grains and proteins. Consuming vitamins and minerals at home can also benefit oneself as it helps to battle the toxins in your body. Some important vitamins you should take are vitamin B, C, and E; not forgetting calcium as well.

The Pros Of Medically-Supervised Detox Treatment

Although performing a self-detox at home is possible, we still recommend going to a rehab facility to seek professional treatment during your withdrawal as it is definitely a safer option. Medical facilities are able to provide a safe environment and support, as well as medication and therapy. If relapses occur, the medical staff are also informed on how to deal with it quickly. You may also seek long-term treatment and aftercare, which is a much more comprehensive treatment plan than self-treating at home.

When choosing where to detox, you will encounter two options available to you:

Inpatient Treatment

By deciding to stay in the facility, you will have a group of medical staff looking over you and tending to your needs. A doctor will also be stationed to help administer the necessary medication to you if you experience any withdrawal symptoms. This treatment is usually highly recommended to those who have been long-term or excessive drinkers.

Outpatient Treatment

By choosing outpatient treatment, you will be tasked to visit the facility regularly during your withdrawal treatment at home. The facility will administer medication to you on your visit. This is recommended for drinkers who are dealing with an addiction that is less severe.


It is important to remember that while performing a self-detox at home is possible, it is still not as safe as seeking treatment in a rehab facility. We highly recommend seeking professional help to prevent relapses or failures in self-detox, especially individuals who have severe addictions to alcohol and accompanying physical and mental health illnesses as well. While peer and family support may be more available at home, it is important to note that these people are not trained professionals and may not know what to do in times of an emergency. A team of medically-trained staff are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to help one cope with their withdrawal symptoms.

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