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How group insurance can influence employee health habits


Group insurance can improve the health habits of your employees and benefit your company. Learn how in this blog post.

Group insurance programs can be an excellent method of improving employee health habits, as they provide many incentives, both long and short term, for employees to meet their healthy lifestyle objectives. There are many programs currently available for companies to implement, and some of them focus on rewarding employees for leading healthier lives.

Understanding their health

Group insurance programs focused on healthwill usually help employees track and assess their current health. Daily fitness and eating habits can be tracked with modern technologies, such as fitness bands, and tools such as mental health, social-habit, and nutrition surveys will help employees understand how their current habits may be unhealthy, and what they need to change to live better. Group program like Manulife Vitalityreward members that take an active role in their health.

Immediate reward

While many health reward programs require months of active and healthy living, some users of health-oriented group insurance programs can gain rewards immediately. Through daily acts of healthy living, users can earn money or points that contribute to benefits such as store discounts. By creating an immediate reward in these group insurance programs, employees are more likely to stay motivated and excited about their healthy lifestyle habits, rather than lose sight of a distant goal.

Friendly competition & engagement

Some health-oriented group insurance programs use coworker competition and interaction to their advantage. Employees can compete with their coworkers for more points or rewards, gain in-application status levels such as “bronze” or “platinum,” as well as share health and fitness tips or objectives with each other. This fun, game-like atmosphere promotes both employee health habits and improves interaction in the workplace.

Long-term health benefits

Having access to good medical care is a driving factor in wellness and longevity. Not only do employees value a company (and remain more loyal to a company) when health benefits are offered, the employees that leverage the benefits for prescriptions, dental care, and paramedical services are happier, healthier and more productive.

Automatically covered pre-conditions

Employees do not need a medical to participate in group health insurance plans. This means people with pre-conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, can receive coverage. Even if a co-pay with the employer is involved, the cost the employee pays is often far below what the employee would pay for individual insurance. With access to the healthcare he or she needs, the employee can afford to focus on bettering their health.


Many fitness programs only cater to a generalized health ideal, whereas group insurance programs such as Vitalityallow individuals to live in ways that benefit them the most personally in terms of their health and rewards. Employees can offer as much or as little personal information as they are comfortable with, do activities that match their needs, and not need to inconvenience themselves at all.

Programs such as these are also highly versatile on the side of the company since the company can have a say in what kind of rewards, competitions, or activities to use in many cases.

Ready for a more productive team?

Overall, if a company wants to improve employee relations, productivity, engagement, and satisfaction, group insurance programs are a powerful tool to encourage healthier habits in the daily lives of employees. Learn more about this topic at LSM Insurance, Canada’s leading site for insurance information and consumer reviews.

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