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How to choose the right implant dentist


You’ve dreamed of that perfect smile, and part of getting that means choosing the right dentist for the job. Your teeth are an investment. Here’s some idea of what to look for in choosing the right implant dentist.

  1. Relevant education, training and experience

You may have done your research and want a specific kind of implant. You are interviewing your dentist to make sure they are the right fit. Does your dentist know how to do implants, can he help you maintain them, and how many success stories does he have?

If it is a new procedure at the practice, and you feel unsure of your dentist, you should shop around some more.

  1. Choose a implant dentist who is board certified

Checking to see whether someone is Board Certified is likely to help you set aside any fears that you have that your dentist is unable to perform the procedure. In order to qualify for certification the dentist would have to undergo rigorous and regular testing to make sure that they are able to perform the procedures they say they can perform.

  1. Choose a dental implant specialist

Some general dentists are perfectly well equipped to perform implant surgery, but if you want to make very sure that you are getting the absolute best treatment and are going to get the best outcome, selecting someone who specializes in the field is always a great idea. This generally means they are going to have performed a good amount of implant surgeries and can show results. Dr. Mondavi is the #1 implant provider in the Torrance area – learn more.

  1. View before and after photos

What better way to judge how good someone’s work is than to see photo evidence of it? If you don’t like the work then go somewhere else. Don’t go through with the procedure to avoid being rude – this is something that is going to stay with you, so you want the best implants and the best smile ever.


Implants are permanent, and you want to make sure that the smile you are choosing is the best one available. Making sure you like your dentist and their work is vital. Check these items on your list off and you will be happy with your smile.

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