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How to write a good essay


Writing an essay is not as easy as it once was. Before computers came along and brought us Microsoft Word, all any student had to worry about was making sure their handwriting was legible, and they had an introduction, discussion, and conclusion. Now essay writing is a complicated procedure.

Here are some guidelines for you to follow that will help you write and present a good essay. It won’t take you longer than a one or two minutes to read, unlike all those tedious instruction videos.

How To Write An Academic Essay

Writing a good essay is all about putting your idea into an argument and presenting it so that the reader can follow your reasoning.

  • Introduce the discussion
  • Use background material
  • Analyze the data and research you have collected
  • Mention the counterarguments
  • Conclude your reasoning

The introduction and conclusion should be placed at the beginning and end of the essay. The other sections can be any place where they will back up your argument. If you approach it in a methodical and measured fashion, your essay will have a natural flow that draws the reader into the discussion and bounces them from one section onto the next.

If a good persuasive essay topics eludes you, and you are running out of time, you can always hire a custom writing service to do your essay for you. Knowing that there is a team of highly qualified academic writers who have your back is reassuring and takes the stress out of an overwhelming study schedule.

Answer the Question You Raise

Directly after your introduction, you should begin to explain the truth of your theory by examining the evidence. This part should take up about a third of your essay wording. This is necessary so that the entire essay resembles a balanced discourse and not a random set of ideas.

The next section should address whether the thesis or idea remains true in every case or if there are some exceptions. This is where you can introduce any research you have discovered that points to a counterargument.

After completing the counterargument section, you can move onto explaining to the reader whether anything else is affected by the points you are making. Is it only you who cares about the information that you are presenting or is it a bigger notion that has a broader impact?

Let The Argument Unfold

If you make a draft of your essay that includes a map laying out its structure, it will guide you in the writing process. It is more about the sections, not the paragraphs.

  • Map out the thesis with a few sentences
  • Iterate why your idea is important
  • Make a statement that the reader will learn something by considering your theory
  • Bounce the reader onto the next paragraph by beginning it with the words: Further evidence suggests/That is not all/Something more you need to know, and so on.

Above is just a general idea of how to begin the essay writing process. Once you start explaining your concept, you will be able to follow it to its natural conclusion.

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