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The Inner Fire of the Human Spirit


The Inner Fire
by Jade Horner-Chinappi

There lies in all of us an imaginary creature that protects our soul and reminds us of our voice. Visually they can be imagined as beings such as Dragons, Bears, Wolves, Eagles, and so forth. Many cultures around the world have used creatures from land, sea and air to tell stories, to teach of morals and social rules, to represent gods and demons, and teach that creatures can be guides and mentors.

Probably the most well-known example of this is in Native American cultures, where, regardless of the tribe, creatures are seen as spirit guides, while others are given a different classification and are used as a symbol of that tribe.

A modern day example of this is the fictional world of Harry Potter written by J.K. Rowling. The “houses” or tribes if you will, of the Magician school are divided by creatures both real such as a snake, and legendary creatures like the Gryphon which is a combination of an Eagle and a Lion, two very powerful symbols.

In our lives we have opportunity sometimes to unconsciously evoke these creatures: to find the strength of an Ox, the agility of a Deer, the maternal instinct to defend our loved ones likes a Mamma Bear complete with growl and gnashing teeth! We all know those moments and remember them as they have a strong imprint on us. For me personally I have several creature symbols that spring to mind, one of the strongest I have is a Phoenix. A Phoenix is a mythical bird of lore that is born of fire, and when it is old and tired, it goes into the fire and is reborn again. The first time I found myself as an adult, I imagined myself as a Phoenix being reborn.

Sometimes our creature guides are not very clear to us, but they support us still. When I left an abuse ex many years ago, I did not feel very strong. I felt that I was an emotional wreck. I had been betrayed, my heart and spirit almost broken by a man who constantly accused me of doing all sorts of things, and who questioned my love, and all the while he was the one doing them and betraying my trust. I felt that my voice was lost to who I became because of his abuse. My own thoughts betrayed me with self-doubt and worry about everything because I didn’t know what to do or think anymore. Looking back on that time, I think my creature for change was an Elephant or big Bear that just refused to be pushed anymore! That creature inside of me said “No more!” and I followed that tiny ray of hope. I remember clearly the pain of crawling bit by bit back from the edge, until I reached a point where I was able to embrace that animal energy and find my true self again. I can now remember that time and know that I am not that person anymore and I thank my guides for reminding me of the power that had always lived inside of me.

If you are searching for answers or just wondering what creature guides you, start by listing your favorite creatures both mythical and real. See which ones stand out to you and resonate with you. If you are experiencing a troubled time in your life, embrace your strong emotions and try to think of what creature comes to mind for you. List the qualities, strengths and weakness of the creatures that come to you and see how you can use them to assist you. Do you sense a fiery Dragon lost in a forest? How about a tiny mouse in a huge room? Do your see the solutions? The
Dragon can fly or breathe fire! How is it that Dragon is lost when it can just fly straight up into the air and reveal a clear view of the land and be free? However, what if the Dragon feels trapped and is unable to spread its wings enough to fly?

Do you feel like the Dragon, forgetting its inner fire? Fire that can just burn away obstacles in its path. What does that mean? It could mean that you are not allowing yourself to express your personal power and you feel trapped. That little mouse may be small but it is able to find its way into spaces that others may not see. Are you limiting your options in life but not examining routes that you hadn’t thought of before or allowed yourself to see?

Let Your Spirit Grow

It’s All You Have To Do!

Jade Horner-Chinappi, CH, RM is a Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is also a Reiki Master. She holds certification in Psycho-Spiritual Tarot, Spiritual Coaching, Quantum Touch, and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Tarot Readings can be booked for weddings, bachelorette parties and other special occasions, contact Jade for more information.

Her website is www.LetYourSpiritGrow.com. She can be reached via telephone at: 514-680-3278 or by email @ jadecreations@yahoo.com.

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