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Is Argan and Coconut Oil healthy?


Is Argan and Coconut Oil healthy – If you have ever browsed a natural skin care website or blog you’ll have no doubt seen a hint at these two magical oils. Used popularly for their many effective outcomes in different products, from skin moisturizers to food ingredients, I will be covering the seemingly endless number of amazing characteristics that these unique oils possess.

Benefits of Argan Oil

Where to begin… Earth to Body uses all natural Argan in a abundance of their multi use products, such as the argan moisturizer, which is helpful on a few commonly diagnosed skin issues. Some of the numerous nutritional components include extensive amounts of vitamins A and E and omega fatty acids, which are healthy plant oils with their own many beneficial qualities, such as anti-aging skin.

One of the biggest reasons Earth to Body works with argan is its stunning use as a hair conditioner and skin and lip moisturizers, a perfect ingredient for their customers. Argan is BEST for men’s grooming and hair treatment, great for styling and preserving a current hairline, and keeping the scalp rich and dandruff free.

Argan is widely considered one of the best oils for soothing skin afflicted with cuts, bruises and even acne, promoting the healing better than most other commercial alternatives.

Another of argan’s specialties is stretch marks, which can be caused from growth spurts in most commonly young men, whose body is growing too fast for the skin. Argan is great for elasticizing the skin and preventing the saggy, creased skin.

And lastly, argan can be a crucial part of nail and foot treatment, softening the nails and cracked skin and leaving the damaged parts silky and supple.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

 Coconut oil, widely considered one of the world’s healthiest foods is another of Earth to Body’s commonly used products, with an extensive list of its own beneficial and nutritional properties.

Starting with coconut oil’s fatty acids, they include the caprylic and lauric acids, which fight infections, acne and candida.

It also reduces inflammation like arthritis, which is common complication with grown men and woman.

A popular use of coconut is its use as energy and endurance super oil, keeping your body fit and healthy.

Coconut oil is great for sporty men who want to strengthen their bones and keep their body lithe and spry by rubbing the oil on your skin.

And finally, Earth to Body’s use of coconut oil in their products:

Coconut oil is constantly used for skin issues, including burns, scrapes cuts, eczema, dandruff and many more. Similar to argan, it speeds the healing, while keeping them moisturized and killing harmful bacteria.

Argan and coconut are so beneficial for your well being. Be sure to check out Earth to Body’s website for more information about these ingredients and the products they are used in.

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By: Jason Palov ( Jasper is one of the youngest members of the Earth to Body family.  He is an avid reader and writer and has a particular fondness for plants and animals.  We asked Jasper to share with you this Father’s Day and he chose to write on argan and coconut )

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