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Is that MOLD?


Mold – I am travelling across Costa Rica, family in tow, with less and less of my beloved Earth to Body products. For a natural skin care addict, this is tragic living… Not to mention the environmental adjustments. The humid wet climate calls for moldy infestations on anything less than airy open and free.

Today we washed our sheets and aired out our mattresses. I am accustomed to spritzing vinegar freshness on everything due to its cheap, effective and natural benefits. While I was methodically spraying my eleven year old’s bed of mildew, his brother appeared by my side, along with an inhalation from home. Thieves oil blend enveloped the air. In his little hand was a bottle of Earth to Body’s “Thieves Oil” All Purpose Sanitizer.  He had packed it three months ago, from Montreal, in his Backpack. We brought only necessities, therefore the kids only had their favourite clothes, cards, tech and art supplies. Yet, here he was, holding the bottle.

When this little man appeared with the sanitizer spray, my heart melted. Sometimes it’s the unexpected little things that bring the most joy.

The following day, I opened my bedroom cupboards to white mold. As I scratched my head as to how or why there would be closed wooden furniture anywhere in the Costa Rican vicinity, I cursed the owners and managers. We were only going to be there a few more days, but we wiped it down anyway. Bad idea. The moldy smell became rampantly airborne and worse than before. I asked Google about mold and Thieves Oil, and of course, up popped the proof. It’s all you need.

Thank goodness for the ‘Thieves Oil’ All Purpose Sanitizer, and my adorable child!

“I packed it because it’s my favourite Earth to Body product and I love the smell.”

Eli. Age 10 with a ‘Thieves Oil’ All Purpose Sanitizer. Too cute!

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