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Jennifer Brodeur The Skin Guru


Jennifer Brodeur – JB Skin Guru changed the way we think of skin care. Jennifer Brodeur has replaced synthetic fixes with natural, nutritional healing. She has brought new ingredients to the market. Jennifer Brodeur transforms problem areas into smooth, ageless skin. Clients fly into her Montreal headquarters for consultations and check-ins. Her sought after line of skin care products, Peoni, is shipped worldwide.

Jennifer Brodeur has dedicated her entire adult life to teaching, researching, and creating natural skin care remedies. The response to her products, her skin care strategies, and her teaching is the motivational force behind her career. “The most rewarding aspect is when I get an email or phone call from a client that reaches out to say that we’ve changed their skin and they feel good about themselves,” she said. “To me there is no better reward.”

Her personal clients include celebrities and well-known figures—Oprah and the Obamas, to name a couple. However, JB Skin Guru hopes to help anyone looking for natural solutions to their skin issues. Her online shop and customer care team are readily available to the public.


Discovering Peoni

Brodeur spent the first years of her career teaching biology and chemistry in the skin care world. Next, she moved on to own two clinics. Although her business has become more mobile recently, clients still fly into JB Skin Guru headquarters from around the world for one-on-one consultations.

While running her clinics, Brodeur began creating her own line of skin care products. “We wanted to have something in house to cater to the needs of our clients,” she said. In 2010, although how people thought of skin care had begun to shift, it was still difficult to find natural ingredients in products. Instead of searching the shelves, Brodeur decided it was time to create her own.

While there were challenges in terms of locating the innovative, natural ingredients, and finding labs that met her standards of sustainability, Peoni was created. The inspiration came from observing a garden—Peoni root extract’s beneficial qualities had been overlooked until this time. “The peony root extract from the root itself in the ground has the most nutritional element,” she said. “It has more antioxidants than you would find in green tea.”


Getting started with Peoni

When Brodeur meets with a new client, she first asks them what they hope to change about their skin. Next, she asks what they are already using. “If what they are using is benefitting or working on the problem that they have, I tell them to finish what they are using,” she said. While natural products like her own Peoni line are better, she does not want to create unnecessary waste or shock her client’s skin with a drastic change. “We will integrate as we go part of the Peoni line.” Slowly, her clients shift.


Peoni includes four products that can be used on all types of skin. The application, and strategy differs from person to person. “I always like to start people with the basics,” she said. Usually, she begins with the cleanser. “Someone who has never taken care of their skin needs to start by cleansing the skin every day. From there we will adjust the usage depending on their skin. If the skin is oily, it might be applied differently. If the skin is dry, we might do some layering. We personalize it.”

Everyone who tries Peoni is ecstatic with the results. It’s more than just a quick fix, but a deep healing. “When you work on nutritional healing to the skin, it responds in not only a faster way, but a long-lasting effect,” Brodeur said. “Less is more.”

All the Peoni products are made from natural, clean ingredients. Each product is carefully designed and created to meet industry standards, without the use of harmful preservatives or synthetic ingredients. All the products are also perfume free—the natural scents are perfect on their own.

For those who buy online, each product comes with appropriate literature for the user to understand how to personalize their skin care regime themselves. The JB Skin Guru customer care team is available to help wherever necessary.

Transform your skin care regime with JB Skin Guru. Learn more about her Peoni products at www.jbskinguru.com

By: Jill Clark – mtltimes.ca
To see the article in the Montreal Times 22.79 June 28, 2017 edition please click on the above image

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