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By: Jade Horner-Chinappi

Do you want a vacation but can’t afford a holiday away? Consider a visit to L.A. Coiffure Spa located in the heart of Lasalle.  Owned and managed by two vivacious sisters Adele and Lina Piccioni, it is truly an unforgettable salon where urban and modern meets the warm and welcoming feeling of being in a friend’s home, complete with fresh hot coffee and delectable sweet treats.

Lina a former fashion designer, was the driving force behind the pleasing design of the salon, while her sister Adele utilized her 20 years of experience as a hairstylist to pick only the best and most natural based products for their clients. These ladies not only offer the best products such as Aveda, Kérastase and dermalogica they personally use them, and do not offer any services or products that they have not tested on themselves first, and loved using. These products are used in their luxury hair treatments and relaxing facials. All the services offered are at an affordable rate with all taxes included.

If the upscale look of the salon scares you, don’t let it.  “Everyone is always welcome” says Co-owner Adele. “I want people to know that we give great customer care, they are our priority.” That includes being welcoming to new moms. Babies and children are always welcome at L.A. Coiffure Spa, and that mandate is for their dedicated team of hair stylists as well, who are also able to bring their children to the salon if they need to. There is no need to worry about the little ones being bored at the salon either, as there is free Wi-Fi, a large screen television, and there are always enough plugs to accommodate a laptop or other electronic device. As a parent myself, I love the option of being able to bring my son if I need to and that I can plug in a portable DVD player to let him watch his favorite movie while mommy gets pampered.

Not interested in having your hair done or a facial? No problem, L.A Coiffure Spa also offers a wide range of services such as Waxing, Manicures, Spray Tan, Make-up application, Eyelash Extensions and Massage Therapy to name a few, again using top quality brands such as Aviva and MAC Cosmetics. I was also completely thrilled with their system regarding Manicures and Pedicures. Not only are their custom stainless steel sinks meticulously clean, and their tools sanitized, but each client receives their own Manicure/Pedicure kit which is labelled with their name, bagged and kept in an organizer. No one uses it but that particular client. If you have ever had an infection or fungus from a Manicure or Pedicure in the past, you will realize how awesome this entire set up is. Lina also informed me that the sinks for Pedicures were specifically chosen to be easy to clean and disinfect and that they do not produce bubbles because germs are easily trapped in that type of system. In my lifetime I have been to many different salons across Ontario and Quebec, and I can honestly say, this was the cleanest and most sanitary salon I have ever visited.

Sundays are party days at the salon! Do you have a birthday to celebrate or are you a bride planning her Bachelorette party? Adele and Lina positively glowed when they told me about the fun private parties that have taken place at the salon.  All you need is a minimum of 8 people willing to try something new and fun!  Whether it is a sparkly tattoo, candy adventure for a young lady and her bubbly friends, or a relaxing celebration of a milestone birthday with your best friends, L.A Coiffure Spa can accommodate. You can bring your own sweet treats and finger foods or let the talented sisters take care of that for you.  Prices will vary depending on what services you decide upon.

When I asked Co-owner Adele what is the best part of running L.A. Coiffure Spa she replied that she “loves giving clients want they want.” If you are looking to go from rushed to relaxed, consider L.A Coiffure Spa, where the initials Adele told me stood for Lina and Adele, but really I think they stand for lovely and amazing!

Reservations can be made by calling:


L.A. Coiffure Spa

7931 Newman, LaSalle

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