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Lakeshore General Hospital buys Gamma Camera


The Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation (LGH Foundation) is pleased to announce that the Siemens Symbia S Gamma Camera, state-of-the-art equipment which the Foundation funded in its entirety, is now fully operational in the Nuclear Medicine department of the  Lakeshore  General  Hospital facility of the CIUSSS ODIM.


FHGL_CameraGamma2015_02The Equipment

The Gamma Camera allows for scintigraphy, a type of examination that provides functional images of organs and bones. The patient is injected in the arm with isotopes, which gravitate to the affected organ or other target to be examined.  The  Gamma Camera then detects the rays emitted by the body and, thanks to modern software, the image is reconstructed on a screen. Scintigraphy allows the examination of the structure and function of the bones and organs like the brain, heart, thyroid, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. The Camera detects the presence of tumors and diseases, as well as the origin of pain and diseases.


“This Siemens Symbia S Gamma Camera replaces an older model, which was approximately ten years old” specified Véronique Rodella, Chief of Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine at the Lakeshore General Hospital facility. “Thanks to this new equipment, we maintain very short waiting times for patients needing scintigraphy. Time is of the essence: the earlier the diagnosis, the earlier the appropriate treatment can begin”, she added.


FHGL_CameraGamma2015_03The Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation’s Contribution

Thanks to its donors, the Foundation fully funded the $400,000 needed to buy the Gamma Camera. “The scope and improvements brought to the healthcare administered to our community begin with state-of-the-art equipment. We would like to thank our generous donors who, once again, enable us to support the Lakeshore General Hospital facility in the fulfilment of its mission”, declared Heather Holmes, General Manager of the LGH Foundation.


“On behalf of the Lakeshore General Hospital facility and as President and CEO of the CIUSSS ODIM, I would like to thank  the generosity of all the donors that made the completion of this project possible. Together, we alter the lives of our patients. Together, we improve the health of our community”, concluded Benoît Morin.


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