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Magnesphere Therapy – A non-invasive form of therapy


By Donna  Byrne



We at Health Access have been offering Magnesphere therapy and I continue to be amazed at the results arising from this simple, non-invasive form of therapy.  We have been offering the service since January and through this column I have shared some of the results. All kinds of people with all kinds of ailments have participated in sessions with the Magnesphere system. It is only fair to say that the results have been mixed. Some conditions such as fibromyalgia have demonstrated improvement with only a single visit, and have continued to experience improvement in subsequent visits. Others such as sciatic pain have varied in terms of success measured by pain relief. A few did not find relief after several sessions and others went from an 8/10 on a 10 point pain scale to a 2/10 after eight sessions. The key is that all of these ailments involve inflammation and the inflammatory process causes pain and pain contributes to stress and vice versa. I believe that the therapy enhances relaxation and decreases inflammation and therefore pain. This allows the body to heal.


Now there are skeptics out there who will only believe there is any benefit to the Magnesphere experience if there are double-blind scientific studies with large sample sizes that point to demonstrable differences between the control group (not using the therapy but thinking they are) and the group that actually receives the Magnesphere treatment. The thinking by some is that the results we are witnessing are just placebo effects. I love it!! If our brain is so powerful so as to make the body believe it feels better….great!  Let’s use our brain power. I am very excited about science and studied at McGill for my MSc. I am also very curious about learning what processes and mechanisms operate in our complicated world. However, I am also very impatient and cannot wait for everything to be studied to meet the rigorous criteria of statistically significant findings before exploring non-invasive, health promoting ways to avoid illness and avoid needing hospitals for crisis interventions. You know I always promote taking charge of your health. Don’t wait for illness.


Since we have had the Magnesphere service I have not had anything myself to test it out….until recently. I had a stress fracture of my foot after repetitive movements in a few exercise routines several years ago. It healed after about 5 weeks of pain and limping around because being the impatient person that I am, I did not rest it. A few weeks ago I started to have the same symptoms. Guess what? I had a few sessions with the Magnesphere, went to a festival and walked on it for four days (again I would not stop), and returned to do two more sessions with the Magnesphere. All of this within a two week period and Guess What? No swelling anymore and no pain…coincidence???  I don’t think so.


We are not doing very well today with our health care system. We’ve known for years about the relationship between stress and disease and yet we hear very little about it. I don’t know about you but when was the last time your doctor assessed your stress level? I am suggesting that we can be aware of the relationship between stress and disease and do something about taking better care of ourselves. Know your stress levels and what causes your stress and learn ways to calm yourself and relax. If your body is always in a state of stress your Cortisol levels will always be high and things will inevitably break. I know I go on and on but I am so convinced that we can’t wait for our Government to fix our sick care system. We have to be the leaders and take charge and minimize the needs for long waits in emergency rooms and doctor’s offices. Be brave and try some of the alternatives…….reduce stress, exercise, eat well and look after yourself, friends and family. Try it. You might like it!!!


Last week we mentioned a series of Empowering Workshops at Clinique PsySanté on St. Jean’s Blvd. The next one will be on October 1st at 7pm themed “Take a Journey to Higher Awareness” aimed at teaching you important life skills that will support you in making your life flow with more ease.  Call (514) 620-3535 for more information.


Comments, ideas, suggestions are welcome.

Contact me: donna@ashcanada.com

Or at 514-695-3131 Monday to Friday between 8:30 to 4:30.

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