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Montreal Times Pet of the week – Meet Brutus the Loving Pug


Brutus the Loving Pug – When Sylvain Lachapelle’s mother passed away in May of 2016, he decided that he needed a companion to help him through his mourning period. And it wasn’t necessarily of the two-legged kind.

It had been almost 15 years since he had his mind set on getting a Pug – and the time seemed right. Not long after, he met Brutus at a breeder on the North Shore and took him home to his place in Downtown Montreal’s ‘Golden Square Mile’.

“I finally got one at a breeder in Terrebonne, where I met the whole family. There were several puppies and one jumped on me, so I took him without hesitation. I have noticed in is health book that he was born the same date as my mother, June 14th. When I went to the pet store, I saw a little t-shirt for dogs and it was written ‘Angel’ on it – my mother’s name is Angèle. I saw this as a sign from her to tell me you’re never gonna be alone! Since that day, we are best friends and are inseparable,” said Sylvain.

Brutus is also quite the character.

“He loves going to the park, meeting some friends and he loves to play… and of course, eating. He is very active, always full or energy. He is a real clown!”

As for toys, Brutus likes his chew toy. It makes lots of noise but because he loves it so much, Sylvain lets him chew away. But more importantly, Brutus has captured his heart.

“Sometimes, I feel he is a little human. I find him very emotional and expressive. We can have long conversations and I really feel he listens to me… hahaha!”

The bottom line, they have a loving bond – one that heals and brings about joy. Brutus might be the Pet of the Week, but he is also the pet of Sylvain’s heart.

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By: Bonnie Wurst – mtltimes.ca
To see the article in the Montreal Times 22.86 July 22, 2017 edition please click on the above image



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