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Mariella Katz Montreal #CreativePreneur


Mariella Katz – At the age of ten, Mariella Katz immigrated from Bulgaria to Montreal. When she arrived, she didn’t quite fit in. She knew that she was different, and even as a young teen, Mariella knew that her difference was unique. She dove into her creativity as a way to adjust to life in Canada, but also for an outlet of expression.

At fifteen, Mariella started filming fashion and lifestyle YouTube videos. “That’s where I got to know the whole world of social media,” Mariella said. “From there on, everything happened naturally to move towards digital instead of traditional arts.” Now, she is the owner of Frenzr, a social media marketing company based in Montreal. While we can’t see teenage Mariella’s YouTube anymore, we do see her creativity in her current work.

Mariella studied interactive media and web-TV in college, followed by advertising and public relations in university, but she doesn’t think when or where she studied is important to her story. Much of what she has learned, she gained through her own search of uniqueness—her own creativity fuelled by a desire to stand out in the crowd. “I believe that you can acquire a skill-set in a lot of different ways. It’s really about motivation and passion,” she said. To be successful in media, you have to stand out.

What is Frenzr?

Frenzr began as an unpaid passion project with the goal of growing a single local start-up’s online presence. With Mariella’s expertise, the product gained a huge following with positive local feedback within a month. Three years later, Frenzr is a boutique team of four unique creatives that focus on delivering quality service to lifestyle brands they feel inspired by.

Frenzr helps small to medium sized businesses grow their online presence across all social platforms. They cover everything social and anything creative: initial branding concepts, photo shoots, and full content calendars of both visual and editorial content. They personally engage with each client’s audience.

Frenzr is a play on the word “friends.” Through Frenzr, Mariella Katz helps her dream clients become friends with their own dream clients on social media.

Inspired by Frenzr

To help her clients connect with their ideal audience, Mariella first has to connect with their product. “The most rewarding is the relationships I build with clients, other people from the industry, collaborators, employees,” she said. When deciding whether to work with a business, Mariella looks for businesses that offer value outside of the product or service they sell. She works mostly with lifestyle brands, but the key is “having a true and balanced message behind the product and brand.”

A personal inspiration to create is also priority to Frenzr. “It needs to be a cultural match,” Mariella said. “It has to be a brand that inspires us to create.”

Working with Frenzr

Mariella and her team at Frenzr offer a unique, personal experience. When Frenzr begins a relationship with a new business, they start with a face to face meeting with the owner of the company. This way, they gain a deep understanding of the story behind the product. Next, they build a mood board with the client to inspire all subsequent content creation. From there, they move onto content creation which is placed into a content calendar to be approved by the client.

The team schedules publications, manages the accounts, and interacts with the target audience with the goal of growing the social community. They also have options for advertising campaigns.

Pushing boundaries with Frenzr

Mariella has always pushed boundaries. She built her boutique agency as a side hustle while working at a corporate agency. She quit her steady job to bring freelance creatives together as a complete company. She placed valuable content and connections at the forefront of her business model. And she made these choices even if they contradicted popular opinion.

For example, Mariella thought that informative workshops would be a good step for Frenzr’s growth. “I want to provide value, and help those who can’t afford our services, but still want to learn,” she said. When Mariella began hosting workshops, her peers thought it was a bad idea since it’s not in the normal business model of a social media agency. “They’ve been a success. It’s not things that you learn in school.”

Despite Frenzr’s quick growth over the past few years, Mariella loves the size of her small team. She is open to continued growth, but hopes to maintain the personal boutique experience that Frenzr is known for. “At the end of the day, that’s where you start losing the human connection,” she said. “I don’t find a lot of value in bigger. I find more value in smaller, but better quality.”

A combination of the creative freedom Frenzr provides, and the genuine connections it fosters inspires Mariella each day. Standing out from the crowd requires uniqueness. And uniqueness requires breaking the rules.

Mariella’s parting advice: “Learn the rules so you can break them better.”

By: Jill Clark – mtltimes.ca
To see the article in the Montreal Times 23.09 October 11, 2017 edition please click on the above image



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