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Montreal Paranormal Phenomena Ghost Investigator – When Things Go Bump in the Night…


Montreal Paranormal Phenomena Ghost Investigator – What do you do if you hear footsteps when alone in your house, or doors open and close by themselves, objects go missing, or you repeatedly have vivid dreams? You might feel watched, have strange premonitions, and maybe even hear voices. If this sounds like the script of a Hollywood comedy, it’s not funny if it starts happening to you. And if there is no scientific explanation, perhaps you want to call a paranormal investigator.

Giancarlo Hechema of MPPI shows off the tools of his trade including: electronic voice phenomena (hence the headphones), dowsing rods, Ovilus 5, and temperature-reading devices ©John Symon

Giancarlo Hechema is the owner of Montreal Paranormal Phenomena Investigator (MPPI) and has about 10 years experience in the field.

“Using a mixture of ancient and current methods, I can turn skeptics into believers. I attempt to establish if there is a presence, and then to communicate with that spirit,” says Giancarlo.

That combination of ancient and current techniques can involve dowsing rods, Ovilus 5, white sage, temperature-reading devices and EVP (electronic voice phenomena), which uses to record sounds or voices otherwise inaudible.


MPPI burns white sage and sprinkles salt

“The dowsing rods are an ancient technique; they move by themselves to indicate where something is or to answer a question,” Giancarlo explains. Testimonials on his website indicate that demonstrations with the rods can be quite convincing.

“We have been involved with the paranormal; particularly spirits, negative energies and un-rested souls for 10 years. We have encountered and made contact with several spirits; this is our passion: to help spirits crossover and to help people live comfortable lives,” furthers Giancarlo.

Some customers may want to use MPPI’s services before buying or selling real estate, especially if the property has a bad reputation. For the buyer, this could help bring peace of mind; for the seller, it would likely be a wise investment. A home visit can take from one to three hours.

Part of a testimonial on the MPPI website reads: “[someone] had died in the house several years before we bought it and [we] always wondered, could the noises, things falling in the middle of the night etc be her spirit? …the spirit was her, and we found out that she meant us no harm…. We are assured and comfortable with all of … answers to our questions and amazed at how the intervention took place. This is really a professional organization and I highly recommend using their services.”

While some clients might decide that they are comfortable living with a spirit in their home, other clients may want the residence to be cleansed of spirits, a service that Giancarlo also provides. But it is difficult to guarantee that this result will be permanent.

Giancarlo stresses that he is not judgmental towards potential clients and will treat all claims seriously. He also adds that he uses prayers as part of his repertory, all the while trying to be respectful of the traditions and faiths of his clients.

Among the services he does not offer is that of being a medium, i.e. as trying to communicate with dead family members. Giancarlo says that his company also does not deal with paranormal phenomena other than ghosts, spirits, presences, and poltergeists,

When Giancarlo registered MPPI, bureaucrats remarked that this was an original company, making him think that he has no competitors in Quebec. And MPPI does service the entire province.

For more information: 438-502-2169  www.mtlparanormal.com

Article in the Montreal Times May 26, 2018
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