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Montreal Salon Amour et Seduction


This year the Salon de l’Amour et Seduction were celebrating twenty five years of celebrating everything to do with sex. With the usual three day event over the weekend, the salon celebrated the same way they always do: by celebrating the human body. The salon is open to everyone of legal age. Whether you are openly kinky, or on the shy side, there is something for everyone. I have been coming to the salon multiple times over the past decade with the first time being in my early twenties, and now being close to thirty and far from the shy girl who was there the first time I can tell you that every year I came to the salon it has been a great experience. To the eye-opening world of burlesque, to helping me explore different ways of life, going to the salon has only made me appreciate my own body and mind that much more.

Salon Amour et de la Seduction 2019 Kieron Yates – mtltimes.ca

Walking into the salon this year and seeing a live cam show ( one of the events sponsors is myfreecams.com) I knew it was just going to get more interesting. Finding my way through the sea of people and dildos, I made my way to the stage to see The Sexy Canadian Men performing to a BackStreet Boys song. Not a bad way to start the evening.

With an event going on three days and the size of the Place Bonaventure you would expect to have seen everything within the first day. Wrong! Not only was there always a little something to discover, but there were different types of shows and seminars at all hours of the day. No need to pick and choose what you wanted to see, you could take your time what you wanted to do at your own leisure without worrying to miss a thing.

Kiosks that have everything from sex toys, photographers, and performers, it is easy to spend hours in only one corner of the venue. Conversation comes easy as everyone is friendly and happy to discuss and make new friends.

Every hour on the dot you have a chance to see a show. Burlesque, circus, dance, or a fashion show, there’s a little something for everyone to blow your mind. This year was no exception. From Garcons Sculpteurs fashion show featuring one of Quebecs sweetheart Elizabeth Blouin Brathwaite, to Scarlett James Grande Revue, it is non stop entertainment. The performers are also more than happy to take the time to say hi and take pictures at their booths after their performance.

How many events can you say you can go to for learning and pleasure? After three days, countless hours of shopping, performances and seminars, it was another successful weekend. After all these years I still learn something new everytime I go, and always looking forward to what will happen next time.

Salon Amour et de la Seduction 2019 Kieron Yates – mtltimes.ca
Salon Amour et de la Seduction 2019 Kieron Yates – mtltimes.ca

Photo: Kieron Yates – mtltimes.ca

By: Jenny Watson – info@mtltimes.ca

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