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Montreal Times pet of the week – Daisy


‘Daisy the Social Media Dog’


It’s not often to find a senior in our society who is so adept at social media, especially a 16 year old senior pug named Daisy. For a small pug, sixteen ‘dog years’ is close being eighty human years. She has more social media savvy than most people – with accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“She is a sweet senior pug living the good, retired life with her Momma and Pop, her two human step-brothers, two cat-sisters and has recently welcomed two more furry brothers; a pair of adorable guinea pigs adopted from the Montreal SPCA, ” said Jen Jones, her ‘Momma’.

She moved to Montreal from Vancouver four years ago – and even at her age and having to deal with osteo-arthritis, loss of hearing and most of her sight, she is still living a full life complete with all the comfy naps and tasty snacks she could ever want.

“A good day includes meals, lots of treats, a couple of pee breaks… and at least 20 hours of sleep!”

City life is not the same as the relaxing suburban life she was used back in BC, but she makes the best of it.

“Daisy still enjoys traveling and even hotel sleepovers with her Momma, and she never goes anywhere without her beloved stroller. This way Daisy can still enjoy life outside her home, while not taking an eternity to get there!”

Daisy and her Momma are ‘firm believers in adoption, rescue and kindness toward all living creatures’. They enjoy sharing their stories, daily anecdotes and their hopes for a better tomorrow for all animals in need through social media. She has over 2800 Facebook ‘friends’ and a growing following on Twitter and Instagram too.

You can find her at:, on Twitter as: @Daisy_da_pug and on Instagram as: daisythepug15 .

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