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Montreal Times Pet of the Week – Harry the Humble Hamster


Harry is barely a year and a half old, but he could eat on his own, is potty trained and can literally run in circles for hours upon hours – because Harry is a hamster. He has lived in Lachine with Sandi and her family since the day he was born and that is a story in itself.

“We were babysitting his cousin’s hamster in late summer of 2015. They thought it was a male hamster, when to our surprise it gave birth to 6 hamsters while in our care… it was a female who had shared a cage with another hamster, a male obviously… and they clearly had some fun together!” said Sandi. “Harry was the one we kept.”

Harry is a humble hamster, he eats his carrots and demands very little, and does makes them laugh a lot.

“My son has always been a very shy boy and has some challenges. He’s kept mostly to himself, but Harry somehow brought him out of his shell. He invites his friends over now and Harry is always doing something, like hanging upside down in his cage, swinging away and making them laugh.”

Harry has also offered them a bit of excitement.

“One night we had an aunt visiting from California and Malcolm left the cage door open. Harry decided to go for a walk… into the bathroom. We heard a scream in the middle of the night and rushed to the scene. Our cousin was standing on the toilet screaming at Harry who was simply sitting in a corner of the bathroom tearing at a kleenex. She was screaming ‘A rat! There’s a rat! We all laughed so hard and explained to her that it was my son’s pet hamster. For the rest of her visit we made sure the cage was securely closed!”

For a little creature, who at first was not particularly a pet Sandi would have chosen, he has brought them so much joy!

To submit your pet for ‘Pet of the Week’, email Bonnie at bonnierwords@gmail.com or info@mtltimes.ca

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