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Montreal Times Pet of the Week – Meet Henry the Tuxedo Cat


Henry is a very handsome 13-year-old Tuxedo cat, who was adopted from the Hudson Veterinarian clinic by Patricia and her daughter Victoria and now lives in Pincourt with them.

“He belongs to Victoria… King and Queen, no doubt, lol. They both have the same birthday month and date, not year,” offered Patricia. “He was about 3 months old. He was very friendly, not in a cage, just roaming around the vet clinic, sitting on desktops at the reception area, going to all employees for affection, which they would give, lol. He likes to sit in boxes we collect just for him… and sleeps only in my daughter’s bed.”

Henry likes to eat a lot and if he gets too noisy at night when wanting to eat, Patricia tells him to go to his room and go back to bed – and he does. He likes to play with strings and shoelaces that they often keep tied to chairs for him. He also loves to play with plastic or rubber-type bracelets that belong to them… and they often catch him sneaking into their rooms and running off with them!

“He often likes to sing and dance, purr and knead – and is very verbal. He is very affectionate and loving and comes to greet you at the door, just like a dog would do. He is now an indoor cat, but loves to sit statuesque at an open window. He is still lively, loves to play, grooms himself well, doesn’t get into too much mischief, but when he does, one falls for his big doll eyes!”

Henry is a lucky cat, who as the King, clearly rules their home and their hearts – and is certainly special enough to be the Pet of the Week!

To submit your pet for ‘Pet of the Week’, email Bonnie at bonnierwords@gmail.com or info@mtltimes.ca

To see the article in the Montreal Times 22.82 July 8, 2017 edition please click on the above image
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