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By: Sabrina Cipriani – Montreal Times

Every mother’s nightmare, ‘your child’s been kidnapped’; we go through such lengths to protect our children from the day they are born. Until the unexpected happens and they are gone, taken from us, ripped from our hands; our hearts are torn apart and we are left helpless for days, weeks even months. Hoping and praying that they will be returned safely, unharmed and as innocent as they were. Their lives will never be the same, what they knew, what they believed, will never be the same, the love they shared with their families a distant memory as the days go by. Families outraged, strangers all over the world speaking out, bring those girls home. The compassion is felt in all countries, even in the NDG/Cote des Nieges borough.

Mothers of Nigeria, We cry out for you

On Sunday May 11th, 2014, a group of women led by Bernise Puchacz gathered at 8am at Macdonald Park to make a statement to the world. They stepped out of their comfort zone to make a plea to help the girls. The sun was shining bright; the women were on a mission. Bernise’s vision began with a friend who pointed out all the money that has been spent looking for the missing Malaysian plane; while not to take away the importance of that, what about trying to find the 300 girls who were taken hostage. They are still alive as far as we know and they need to be rescued. “There isn’t enough being done,” said Bernise. She decided to call her friends and the women in her neighborhood. They are a community that gathers and supports each other for garage sales and other events. Before she knew it, she had a group of women eager to participate. Bernise said, “We are surrounded by everyday luxuries, flat screen TV’s comfy beds to sleep in, it was time to give some of ourselves to this cause”.

Mother’s Day, what better day to gather together at 8am and tell the mother’s of Nigeria that they are thinking of them. All the women in the park feel that these girls need to be back with their families. It only took an hour of their time; by 9am they were back with their families in their cozy homes about to begin their Mother’s Day celebrations.

After the women posed with the banners, some partners joined in immediately, wanting to be a part of this, wanting to be heard. They posed with signs that read; Real Men don’t Buy Girls.

Could they have done more they asked themselves, could they have done things differently they wondered. What they did accomplish, gave more meaning to their day, they said.

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