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New grocery delivery service launched in MTL inabuggy.com


Canada’s leading online grocery delivery service launched in Montreal last November and might prove a Godsend for our readers having trouble to find the time for grocery shopping. Such readers can place grocery orders online and then receive their orders delivered to their door in as little as 1 hour. All this for only $19.98 to pick, pack and have your groceries delivered by a personal shopper.

“What is your time worth to you?” asks Julian Gleizer, INABUGGY’s CEO. “Getting groceries yourself involves not only time, but also gas, hauling heavy bags, and waiting in lineups. INABUGGY can be the solution…”

Julian Gleizer INABUGGY CE

INABUGGY doesn’t have any markups or fees except for its $19.98 pick, pack and delivery fee. There are no minimums or maximums on your order. Gleizer insists that customer experience and satisfaction is always INABUGGY’s #1 priority.

“INABUGGY offers one-stop online grocery shopping experience for its customers, with in-store pricing, and delivery to the customer’s doorstep. Our shoppers are paired with a dedicated personal shopper who provides same-day deliveries (deliveries in as little as 1 hour). At your convenience, this can either be to your home or office.”

“INABUGGY is a ‘white glove service’ and caters to everyone who is starved for time, or prefers to avoid the hassle of going grocery shopping. The service typically involves unloading groceries, and putting them into the fridge or freezer if requested; it’s not just curbside service. There is no extra charge for this and tips are at the customer’s discretion.”

inabuggy.com app

Gleizer also emphasizes that the dedicated shoppers can accommodate all kinds of special requests from customers. He jokes about how complicated food shopping can be, sometimes with gluten-free, organic, kosher vegans sharing households with others on the Atkins diet (essentially all meat with lots of bacon).

“Through INABUGGY’s customized platform, customers can make special notes based on preferences. For instance, you can specify whether you would like your bananas ripe and ready to eat, or green. Our shoppers, who are meticulously trained, are in constant communication with customers to ensure that they are ultimately satisfied.”

When it comes to INABUGGY’s customers, there is no specific customer, as everyone eats, and a good example of this would be parents buying groceries for their children who are at colleges or universities, as well as children buying groceries for their elderly parents in seniors’ residences.

There is extensive information on the INABUGGY website (see link below) about how the system works, dealing with complications such as refunds, out-of-stock items, and substitutions.

Currently, INABUGGY delivers to all of the city of Montreal and to Laval, but not to much of the West Island or to the South Shore just yet. Gleizer speaks, however, of the company’s rapid growth and adding new areas soon. The company is also now hiring over 100 dedicated shoppers to service and accommodate the every so growing demand.

The list of stores that food and alcohol can be purchased largely reflects the current offerings in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver, as well as Montreal.

Payments are made online using: Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and will soon be adding Google Pay, Apple and Interac. As often with hotel reservations, a pre-authorization is put on your card prior to the purchase, later replaced by the actual cost.



1-844-41-BUGGY (28449)

24.36 Montreal Times inabuggy.com Front Page – 040619
24.36 Montreal Times inabuggy.com article – 040619
By: John Symon – info@mtltimes.ca
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