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New Lasalle continues to please the masses with its delectable dishes


By Elizabeth Tomaras

New LaSalle FacadeAfter 40 years in business, New Lasalle is still going strong. Despite a few location changes and an ever evolvingneighbourhood, the establishment remains on Shevchenko boulevard, selling pizza, poutine, Greek and Italian specialties.

While delivery is a big part of the business, a year ago, owner LambrosPatos opened up a dining area, seating roughly 40. Additionally, an ice cream bar offering up gelato, soft serve and slushies has also been introduced as a new initiative. After being seated, we were given two menus: the classic New Lasalle menu, and the lunch and dinner specials. The latter’s prices start at $10 and include coffee and dessert.

My dining partner started off with the lentil soup which was the soup of the day. The carrots and celery in the soup were soft, and the broth was flavourful. We then had a Greek salad to share. The feta was crumbling and soft, always a sign of quality, authentic Greek cheese. Crisp, green iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers were swimming in a tangy vinaigrette.

For the main course, we began with the spaghetti and meatballs, a customer favourite, according to our waitress. The pasta was covered in a meat sauce but what made this one stand out was the taste of cinnamon. It was unexpected but reminded us of a good home-cooked meal rather than one from a can. The meatballs were colossal and, with each bite, it was evident that they were handmade as the herbs and spices collided with our tastebuds.

New LaSalle PizzaThe piece de resistance was next: the pizza. New Lasalle is known for its pies and Patos says it’s at the top of the food chain here as the majority of their orders are pizzas. We ordered the SpécialeMaison which is topped with fresh cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, and the same meat sauce that was on the spaghetti. Although a subtle change to a traditional recipe, the meat sauce was noticeable in a good way —truly delicious.

To complement our pizzeria staples, we went with a Quebec staple, poutine. As a picky poutine-eater, New Lasalle’s left a lasting impression on me (I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Crispy fries, slightly spicy gravy, and those essential cheese curds made the tasty combination.

We ended our meal with a classic vanilla cone from the restaurant’s cremerie, perfect for a warm summer night. Their terrasse offers outdoor seats which is precisely where ice cream should be enjoyed this season.

New Lasalle has stood the test of time by cooking up great food that keeps people coming back. To reward customers for their loyalty, Patos has signed up to be part of Kangaroo Rewards, a smartphone app customers use to gain points. In turn, these points, which are earned each time a purchase is made at Nouveau Lasalle, can be redeemed for free food like pizzas and ice cream.


New Lasalle is located at 1475 Boulevard Shevchenko in Lasalle.


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