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New stamps celebrate Superman, 75 and going strong


With the iconic “S-Shield” across his chest and his flowing red cape, Superman is the most recognizable Super Hero ever depicted in comics, on radio, on television or at the movies. Today Canada Post is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Superman’s debut in Action Comics #1 with a six-stamp issue that highlights his evolving image since he was co-created in 1938 by Toronto-born artist Joe Shuster and Cleveland writer Jerry Siegel, his high-school friend.

The one commemorative coil and five commemorative stamps feature images of Superman that show how illustrators have refreshed his image over the decades.

“With the issuing of these stamps, Canadians have an opportunity to appreciate the imagination of Canadian-born co-creator Joe Shuster’s Superman as well as the artists who followed in his footsteps,” says the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport.

“Generations have grown up with a unique connection to Superman, sometimes dreaming to have powers like him. Superman is a timeless inspiration to us all – part of his popularity from generation to generation,” says Deepak Chopra, President and CEO of Canada Post.

Images on the stamps include the cover of Superman #1 (1939) drawn by Shuster, the cover of Superman #32 (1945) drawn by Wayne Boring, the cover of Superman #233 (1971) drawn by Neal Adams, an interior image from Superman #204 (2004) drawn by Jim Lee and the cover of the Superman Annual #1 (2012) drawn by Kenneth Rocafort.

Two of the five different stamp booklet covers recreate the cover of Superman #1 and the cover of Action Comics #13, both released in 1939 and drawn by Shuster. The remaining three include the cover of Superman #204 (2004) drawn by Jim Lee, a Special Collector’s Edition Cover of Man of Steel #1 (1986) drawn by John Byrne (and also the source of imagery for the coil stamp), and the cover of Superman Annual #1 (2012) by Kenneth Rocafort.

The coil stamp offers the famous stylized “S-Shield” logo. This particular image is taken from the 1986 cover of the Special Collector’s Edition of Man of Steel #1 drawn by John Byrne.

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