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Is Quebec going to legalize pot, like the rest of Canada?

  1. Legal pot – Next summer at this time, Marijuana will have been legalized across the country. Canadians will be able to light up and even grow their own plants without fear of being arrested or fined, as long as they follow the rules – and those rules will be aimed at keeping people safe, especially our youth, as well as the rights of the general public.

Each province is mandated to set up their own guidelines to control the distribution, selling and use of marijuana – and the Quebec government wants to hear from you on how legal marijuana should be regulated here. To do so, they have put up an online survey to gather Quebecer’s opinions and concerns on the regulations.

Last Monday August 21st, Quebec’s Public Health Minister announced that public hearings will be scheduled throughout the province until September 12th. The hearings will ‘allow citizens to have their say, hear their opinions on what decisions should be taken and identify the necessary measures to ensure the protection of their health and safety’, the government said.

The provincial government hopes to table legislation by this autumn with a regulatory framework for legal marijuana in Quebec. Regardless of your age, if you live in Québec you are encouraged to take the survey – which will be kept confidential.

If you want to have your input considered in this historic legislation, whether you are for or against the whole idea, then do not hesitate to take the 20 minutes required to answer the questions – otherwise your concerns afterwards might blow away like smoke in the wind, just like smoke from the pipes.

Go to: https://encadrementcannabis.gouv.qc.ca./en/

Bonnie Wurst – mtltimes.ca
To see the article in the Montreal Times 22.96 September 2, 2017 edition please click on the above image
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