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OTA Jewellers – A tradition since 1961


By: Sabrina Cipriani – mtltimes.ca


                          In 2016, OTA Jewellers will be celebrating 55 years!

Grandfather clock & LucasSince 1961, OTA has been servicing the community of NDG, a family owned business, Mr. Woronchak Sr., came to Canada from the Ukraine with the knowledge of watch making.  He opened his business upstairs, until in 1974, the restaurant below him closed down and he moved the business downstairs, where it still stands today on Sherbrooke West.

Lucas, Mr. Woronchak’s son, spent many summers since the age of 11, learning the trade from his father and he was bench trained in watch making.  He told me that his father loved to talk politics with his customers and friends in the store.  They would stay for hours.

DSC_0615Since his father’s passing in April of 1994, Lucas took over to keep the family business and tradition of OTA alive.  Not only trained by his father, he also studied at Ecole des Metiers de Sud Ouest. Lucas has kept up the very friendly environment, all ages appear at the door, all cultures enjoy coming, “I run my business in an ethical and spiritual way”, says Lucas.  He said everyone who comes in, “all get along really fine here”.  Lucas has more religious talks with the customers, where his father had more political talks back in his day.

His cousin Steve joins him part-time to help with the customer service.  When old customers and out of towners come in, they marvel about how the store looks exactly the same, with minor touch ups and the same paintings on the wall, they feel comfortable walking into the familiar environment. Lucas says, “The layout has stayed the same; it works, why change it”.

There are many great things about OTA, he can replace batteries on all kinds of watches and your battery can be changed on the spot, you don’t have to come back, and prices for batteries start at $8.00 tax included.  “A great convenience”, Lucas said.

Layout 1More great things, Lucas does mechanical watch repairs on any mark that comes through the door.  He even does watch crystal replacement, flat round crystal replacement starting at $23.00 tax included.  Nothing is outsourced, everything is done in house.

If you need an appraisal, or want your heirloom jewelry redesigned, Lucas is the jeweler to do it.  Remolding, Lucas always has suggestions for you. Ask about his own line of jewelry he is working on, it has a nature influence.  I got to see some pieces, beautifully done.

Go see Lucas at OTA, he’s friendly and knowledgeable.


You can reach them at 514-484-3847

Located at 6865 Sherbrooke Street West                        Opening hours: Tues. to Fri. 10 to 5pm

Montreal, Quebec                                                              Sat. 10 to 3pm

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