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Productive things you should do instead of slacking off


Not all days are productive, right? There are days that you want to relax, de-stress, and slack off for a while. Slacking off is not bad if it is done occasionally and you become a more motivated and driven person after a short break. It is however not beneficial if you allow time and days to pass without improving yourself or your quality of life.

If you are in slacking mode at the moment and want to get out of the rut, here is the list of productive things you must do:

#1- Enhance your skills and knowledge

Instead of being a potato couch with eyes glued on television or playing video games, learn new skills, listen to motivational podcasts, or watch YouTube channels that will inspire you to engage in money making crafts. If you are already looking at the possibility of doing a side job or establish your own business, it is the time to prepare for your plans. Go and learn the fundamentals of starting your own business, or opt for online courses, like the Online MBA Program, to enhance your skills. If it entails a start-up capital, you can apply for a personal loan in the licensed moneylender cash mart Singapore. This trusted lending company offers easy payment terms and approves loan applications fast.

#2 – Improve  your relationship with loved ones and friends

Use the time to improve your existing relationships. Reach out and have time to talk to them. Call those who are in distant places. You have all the time to reconnect with old friends. Spend quality time with your family. Catch up with long-lost friends. Plan a reunion. There are lots of things to do instead of sulking in your room or watching all the shows on television.

#3 – Tackle your to-do-list

If you have a lot of things that you need to tackle, do it instead of watching television. If you do not do it at once, you may procrastinate and become unproductive. So, while slacking off, awaken your lazy bones and begin organizing or cleaning your home.

  • Get rid of clutter
  • Organize your paperwork, crafts, drawers, and rooms
  • Clean the pantry and throw away expired foodstuff
  • Bake or cook your specialty dish
  • Fix broken things around your home
  • Paint your room or kitchen
  • Create a DIY project
  • Start a hobby
  • Make a vegetable garden
  • Make a budget and plan your financial life

#4- Start a retail business

When decluttering, you will find a lot of things such as clothes, accessories, and other items that you do not use. You can donate them or host a garage sale. You can use your earned money for a buy & sell venture. If you see that it is a thriving business, augment the capital by securing a personal loan from a licensed cash loan lender. Use the money to buy more items and sell them with a good profit. And start investing a part of your profit in stocks, insurance, and the likes.

#5 – Be kind

One way to stop feeling sorry about yourself and stop the habit of slacking off is to do random acts of kindness.

  • Share your time by volunteering your services to a local charity.
  • Say hello and smile to people, even to strangers.
  • Donate money, blood, or items.
  • Adopt a pet.

#6 – Restore your inner vitality and zest

Use the time to have a quick vacation or enhance your personal well-being. You can do any of the following activities:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Biking
  • Hiking or rock climbing
  • Stargazing
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Train for a marathon
  • Playing with pets
  • Go on a picnic and have a bonfire

#7 – Monetize your talents

If you have a talent in writing, singing, painting, or passion for photography, use it to earn money and improve your financial situation.

  • Start a blog. If you love writing, share your thoughts or experiences by creating a website that tackles a specific niche. Become a social media influencer and earn from blogging. You can also offer online courses that are in line with your blog content.
  • Become a freelance writer, editor, or proofreader. You earn money by making it a part-time or full-time job. It is best for people who love working without leaving their home or working while taking vacations.
  • Create a YouTube channel and upload your travel videos or your singing acts. It is one way to promote your talents. You can accept invitations to sing at events such as weddings, debuts, or parties. Another way to earn with YouTube is through ads. Make your channel interesting and fun.
  • If you are into photography or videography, you can offer your services during events. If you need a small capital to buy your own tools like a laptop for editing, DSLR/video camera, and other essential stuff, you can avail a personal loan from the list of licensed money lenders.

It’s okay to recharge your battery once in a while and find the “me” time, to assess your life and plan for a more productive life. So, next time you feel like slacking off, use it productively to become a better individual.

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