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Quebec will not target Pit Bull-Type Dogs in Bill 128


Quebec will not target Pit Bull – After much controversy and public consultations, Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux announced that Quebec’s Bill 128, proposed in April of 2017, will not be targeting pit bulls or pit bull-‘type’ dogs with their animal control bylaw.

The Security Minister said they will be making amendments to the bylaw, as there has been ‘no scientific evidence to prove such a ban is effective – or that the dogs are genetically inclined to be aggressive’.

Bill 128 will still be passed with strict rules in place for dogs who are aggressive, attack a person or cause serious injury or death – where the dog will be euthanized. And it will include many of the measures first introduced towards improving the rules for dog breeders and the ‘control of dogs deemed aggressive or dangerous’.

This is sure to please many dog owners, especially in Montreal, where Projet Montreal already overturned the previous administration’s highly controversial ban on pit bull-type dogs last December. The city had held public consultations and it is expected they will be announcing their updated animal control bylaw soon, which will be based on ‘best practices while taking into consideration the well-being of animals and public safety’.

The SPCA’s director for animal advocacy, Alanna Devine, was cited in a CTV report as saying,

“We are happy the government is moving forward nonetheless, with provincial legislation that will address the issue of dangerous dogs without the problematic part of targeting dogs because of their breed or what they look like.”

Bonnie Wurst – info@mtltimes.ca
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