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Samantha Cutler: health coach and wellness blogger #thefitfatale


Samantha Cutler first started spreading happiness while working in corporate fashion through her passion project blog: Silver Linings by S. She loved the vibe and hustle of the fashion world, but health and wellness has always been a priority in her life.

Now, Samantha is a wellness blogger, health coach in training, and the motivational force behind The Fit Fatale: her blog and online tribe.

Silver Linings by S

“I started blogging on the side as my own outlet,” Samantha said. “I started it as a general idea of how to find happiness in your daily life.” Silver Linings by S covered little moments of joy, must-try restaurants, a wellness-inspired lifestyle, and finding your own happiness. “I didn’t expect anyone to look at it,” she said. She continued blogging, writing posts before full days at work. Her following—and her inspirational reach—grew organically.

After a while, Silver Linings by S noticeably shifted to focus on health and wellness. The shift led to a major change in Samantha’s own life. In January 2017, Samantha to quit her day job to run The Fit Fatale full-time: the rebrand of her passion project.

“I want to dive deep into the health and wellness world,” she said. “It already took that shift content wise because I had taken that shift.” The rebrand clarified Samantha’s message for her readers, followers, and collaborators.

Inspiring Fit Fatale women

Already a Bodylicious™ trainer at Victoria Park in Montreal, Samantha wanted more knowledge to support her passion. She is currently training to become a health coach.

A major part of health coaching is mental health and habit change. “Before I worked in business, I studied psychology, so I love that side of it,” she said. “It’s more about your habits in your daily life. What those are, and what’s around you.” Health coaching includes balancing stress, overcoming anxieties, and creating a positive self-image. It’s problem solving from a health perspective.

A Fit Fatale woman is a woman who cares about her health, family, career, and social life—and finding balance between these. Fit Fatale women may be at different life stages, but they all want to refocus their health. Some are working through breakups and eating disorders, while others are looking for a health-focused, supportive community. “They all have the same goals at the end.”

Samantha offers The Fit Fatale Challenge on her website through three tiers of cleanse packages. A fourth option is joining her online Fit Fatale community.

The Fit Fatale community

Anyone can join The Fit Fatale, Samantha’s Facebook tribe of women looking for inspiration, support, or new like-minded friends. “I see a micro community has grown from it,” she said. These women ask questions, chat about their days. “They all talk about what they are eating and their habits,” Samantha said. Some even arrange to meet up in person. “The community it is creating is very cool to see.”

Samantha prefers group coaching to one-on-one. It allows her to simultaneously impact a larger following of Fit Fatale women. “I have so many people reaching out to me to talk about body image,” she said. “I like the group aspect. My focus is on long term drastic change, and habit change, but reaching a larger audience.”

Opting into her cleanse packages, however, does include up to three brief one-on-one calls. Samantha also makes herself available to answer questions online wherever possible.

Promoting positive body image

Recently, Samantha posted an article on The Fit Fatale blog talking about her own struggles with body image. “We don’t really talk about it. There is talk about eating disorders, but not so much body image and the negativity around it,” she said.

The big question is: What is healthy? “It’s not just about eating healthy to be skinny.” Samantha guides her Fit Fatale tribe through a refocusing of what healthy means, while drawing from her own experiences. “I went through it. I’ve had a lot of people reaching out to me. I’ve been speaking about it more as well.”

What is Bodylicious™?

Victoria Park’s Bodylicious™ class combines hip hop dance with cardio, and muscle-building moves. “I love this class,” Samantha said. It aligns with her health and wellness focus, and promotes female body positivity. “It embraces the female body and power.” Not just girl power, but physical strength.

Finding a healthy balance

When your primary platform is online, it’s difficult to disconnect. “If I’m not doing anything, I have a habit of always checking because I feel like I need to stay on top of it,” Samantha said. “It’s exciting when you have your own passion project. You want to dive into it, but you have to realize that your health does come first.”

Samantha sets aside a few quiet moments in her day for herself. Her daily morning spin classes at Victoria Park are the first 45 minutes of dedicated self-care time. She also takes a breather while walking her dog, or visiting with her family. “I find a walk is amazing,” she said.

Make a change with The Fit Fatale

Samantha inspires and coaches in a way that leaves the ultimate decision to change to her Fit Fatale women. “If you don’t want to make the change, you aren’t going to make the change,” she said.

The positive reactions she receives from women who decide to change inspire Samantha to keep helping others. “The most rewarding is the messages I get, hands down,” she said. Some choose to join her online tribe, try The Fit Fatale Challenge, or drop into of her Bodylicious™ classes.

Samantha is currently working on a way to be even more accessible to the Fit Fatale women. “I want to be able to be reached more or less on demand,” she said. Her long-term goal is to continue to expand her reach through her online community.

Connect with Samantha online, or drop into one of her Bodylicious™ classes at Victoria Park.



By: Jill Clark – mtltimes.ca
To see the article in the Montreal Times 22.97 September 6, 2017 edition please click on the above image
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