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Sheamu Butter skin cream – Sheamu to the Rescue


Sheamu Butter skin cream – Our ‘Alberta’ Butter is actually called Sheamu Butter but I like to refer it as The ‘Alberta’ Butter. As soon as you step off the plane out there you can feel it. The dry air can suck all of your moisture from your skin in less than an hour. Being from Montreal we don’t have that issue, maybe more so in the winter. But not like out west. All year long your skin is just dry!

The Sheamu Butter is the way to go. From head to toe, scalp to feet. Even my growing belly soaked it up, lasting throughout my entire pregnancy. The amazing benefits of real shea butter from Africa (fair trade) to the outstanding properties of our pure Australian Emu oil. Mixed together to make this creamy, healing butter.

I used the Sheamu butter to prevent stretch marks (not one) and help with my itchy belly as it grew. However, for my customers out west they just need a big tub to get them through the harsh winters and not have to re order every other month.

I have customers tell me all the time they could not get through the winter without it.

I had women in Calgary come into my booth. She walked right over to the Sheamu Butter and picked up two. I said ‘you know one can be enough to get you through the year’. Her reply ‘well I use it in my scalp, all over my body and I have alligator skin! It’s the only thing that works! I love it!! My husband starting using it his beard so I want him to have his own.’ I laugh!

I said ‘Yes! My husband uses it in his beard as well. It gets so dry and flaky that the butter keeps him moisturized till his next shower! He loves it!’

It may be butter and you may have to warm it up in your hands in order to spread it all over but it’s totally worth the work. It absorbs into your skin a little more slowly than a cream but once the Emu Oil carries the shea through all of your layers your dry skin is no longer. Gone. Hydrating, moisturizing and so satisfying.

We make one with Argan Oil, (Shargan Butter), as well, for our vegan customers. Smaller container, but just as beautiful on your skin.

For more info:.  A while ago we wrote a blog on this miraculous butter, ‘Sheamu to the Rescue‘ performing miracles on severely cracked feet.  and another ‘Perfect Sheas, So You Say’ extolling our butters’ powers.

We stand behind our products. We give great customer service. Visit our online store:  natural.ca.  Subscribe to our newsletter. Check out our BIOS. Meet us in person at the shop. ‘La Boutique Earth to Body’,  89 Lucerne, Pointe Claire, QC

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