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Spring Flower Market in Hochelaga


Spring Markets – What better way to get ready for Spring than by spicing up your life and your home with beautiful flowers and plants. Not only are they a fantastic way to boost your decor in your own personal space, but they also offer a number of heath benefits and add to the precious air around you. Having some green friends in your house or decorating your balcony is an inventive way to impress your friends and family (if you can keep your green friends alive that is). There are many different types of plants which are suitable for dark and smaller spaces, so you can be sure of finding the perfect ones for you.


Flower Market


Now that the weather in Montreal is finally warming up and the sun is coming out, we have the perfect Spring event for you. The SDC Hochelaga-Maisonneuve is hosting its first edition of their “Marché de Fleurs d’Hochelaga”. This ephemeral market will be hosted at the Place Simon-Valois from Saturday May 19th until Monday May 21st. If you have doubts on how to keep your plants and flowers happy, an expert will be on-site answering all of your burning questions. Frank Fleuriste is a renowned florist in Montreal and has been around for over 60 years in the district of Hochelaga, so you will be guaranteed expert advice. For more details about this unforgettable Spring flower market, click here to access the official Facebook event. We guarantee you that your new green friends will brighten up your life this Spring !


Flower Market


Elsa Maret – mtltimes.ca


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