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Stray cats


It has been brought to my attention the stray cat problems in DDO. and the cats that are being left behind when the students at John Abbott College leave after their studies are finished.  When the out of town students arrive to start their studies at John Abbott,some are housed in dorms and the ones that can’t get into the dorms rent apartments in Ste Anne de Bellevue.  The students that live on campus apparently are not allowed to have pets.  However, the students that are renting in town, after they are settled in, probably think it’s time to get a little furry friend.

I did a little investigating into this problem with the residents of Ste.Anne, to actually see for myself where in fact the problem was coming from.  The people I spoke to all said “the students”.    They arrive in Sept. and another batch come in January.  I understand completely that the students that have just moved here and will be here for a couple of years at most, would like a companion in there new unfamiliar surroundings. It’s great to come home to a pet that waits at the door for you.  They know the time you come home. I also know that while they have these little friends the animal is loved, and fed and has a roof over they’re heads.  But,  the students don’t have extra money for shots, spaying and neutering.   When it is time for the students to leave, what happens to these loving friends of there’s?  I’ll tell you.

The animal is now left after having a warm loving home,food and water daily,a roof over it’s head, especially in our brutal winters, and ya loved.  They are left to fend for themselves and eventually they do go wild and won’t let a human get close to them.  I wonder why?  The females are getting pregnant twice or three times a year,the males have to fight with the other tom cats just to survive.  The people of Ste.Anne are kind enough to feed these strays,  I thank you.

If the out of town students are so set on getting a kitten when they move in, and they know they won’t be allowed to take them home when they leave, than at least give them to a shelter so they can have a chance to live a good life after you have gone.  Better yet, don’t get one to begin with, get fish.  Fish don’t need a lot of care and are great to watch when you are stressed out,especially at exam time.Think of the life that you are leaving behind. You have bright futures, I’m not sure how bright the future is for these animals.

As far as the stray cat situation in DDO. could this be a trickle down effect from the landlords not allowing animals in?  I would say “good possibility”.  I ask the good people of DDO, if you see a stray in need, please help this animal.,the winter months are upon us and these strays have a harsh road ahead.

To the people who are thinking of getting an animal and may not be able to keep it in the long run, think twice please.  Our shelters are full and come Spring they will be over capacity, again.  I know your hearts are in the right place, but only you know where you will be after you’ve either finished school, or your lease will be up and you have to move.  Please consider the dog,cat,or any other pet you may acquire that may be left behind.

Finally, I would like to thank Gaby Rimok for her help on this problem.  Gaby writes for the John Abbott newspaper, without her I wouldn’t have had the exposure needed to reach the students.  Gaby is also an animal advocate and to me a great ambassador for her generation for animal protection.  Thank you again Gaby. Great things to come in your future.

If you have any questions Valerie can be reached at:

bearsclub@videotron.ca    or  514-505-1332

Till next time.

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