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Summer sleeping in Montreal


One of the world’s most stunning cities, Montreal is heading into a well-deserved Summer. However, as fun and vibrant as a Montreal Summer is to experience for travellers and locals alike, it can also be an extremely humid one. Humidity can be the enemy of sleep, making a restful Summer slumber hard to achieve. What’s more, the current world health situation has robbed many people the world over of their usual sleep routine.

Here are our tips for how to get a great night’s sleep during Summer in Montreal 2020.

Cool your space

A Montreal Summer is generally on the milder side of scorching, however, in recent years the temperatures have risen. In fact, 2018 saw a deadly heat wave sweep Quebec, and 2019 Summer also saw unusual temperatures.

High temperatures at night can cause physical discomfort, making deep sleep a mere dream. If your apartment or home doesn’t have an air conditioning unit, check with your tenancy agreement about your landlord’s obligations regarding temperature control.

If an air conditioning installment is off the cards, find a high-quality oscillating fan to set up in your bedroom. This is an affordable, reliable option even for smaller rooms.

Make sure you have a good mattress and blanket

No amount of exercise, reading, and cool air will counteract a bad mattress and/or pillow. Your mattress should cater to your sleeping style. For example, front sleepers should have a firm mattress to stop the hips from sagging, while side-sleepers require a soft-medium mattress so the spine can fall into natural alignment. A mattress with a cooling gel-foam layer and either springs or porous foam will keep you cool. If your budget can’t stretch to a new mattress, throw a gel-foam topper onto your mattress and pick natural sheet fibers such as Tencel and linen. Or even opt for a Canadian made cooling blanket which can not only keep you cool but also calm.

Move your body, safely

Regular exercise is crucial for consistent healthy sleep. However, this can be hard when the humidity is high and the heat is making you feel drowsy in the middle of the day. During “normal” times (pre-Covid), it made sense to go to an air-conditioned gym or cold swimming pool for a workout, but that’s not possible for many people in Summer 2020 due to social distancing rules. Instead, stay inside and get moving with the comfort of your air conditioning or fan.

Scour YouTube for low-impact HIIT (high-intensity interval training) you can do without equipment and in a small space. Or, pick a 15-minute dance workout class followed by a 15-minute no-equipment lower or upper body workout. Keep a bottle of cold water nearby, and stop if you feel overheated or lightheaded. Another upside? You can workout in your underwear without getting side-eyed.

Get back to basics with books and music

Staring at computer and phone screens before bed is a surefire way to disrupt your sleep, no matter the season or the city. Avoid the sleep-ruining blue light by putting the screens away at least two hours before you go to bed. Pass the time by making dinner, listening to music, taking a lavender-scented bath, and reading before bed. This will help your mind to switch off and melatonin to function properly, making you feel relaxed and ready to sleep.

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