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5 games with high RTP you can find at Mansion Casino


RTP – Return to Player – is something that experienced casino players will always factor into their online gaming strategy. Effectively, it works kind of like house-edge; the RTP for each game is the amount that the casino will pay back to players over time. It therefore follows that the higher the RTP the better your chances of getting a payout. However, it should be noted that this RTP figure is theoretical, tested over millions of spins, and not a guarantee for any one session.

Casino slots will usually have an RTP around 95%, meaning the casino will get 5% profit over time. But this RTP can change for different games, some a lot lower – and some higher – than others.  Below we have picked out five slots we found at Mansion Casino Canada, which hosts games from the biggest developers like Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming. Each of the slots has a better than usual RTP, but we have tried to choose games that are entertaining too.

Gaelic Luck (Playtech) – 97.06%

There are so many Irish-themed slots out there, it’s almost impossible to find an online casino without them. After playing the Gaelic Luck slot at Mansion Casino, we were struck with the impression that it resembled one of Playtech’s most popular slots ever made – Halloween Fortune. Regardless if it has copied another slot’s structure or not, this game can offer some huge payouts. That mainly comes down to the superb free spins feature, where you can earn up to 40 free spins with a 10x multiplier. Even when playing for small amounts, the application of that multiplier can mean huge wins or possible.

Cinerama (Playtech) – 98.4%

While Gaelic Luck thrives on its special free spins feature, Cinerama is more of a basic slot. It has but five pay-lines, and not much in the way of special ways to win. However, it boasts a potentially huge progressive jackpot. Be warned though, the jackpot chance is reserved for those playing with the maximum bet amount. Perhaps a game for high rollers.

Coins of Egypt (NetEnt) – 96.97%

A game that has arrived at online casinos to join dozens of other titles based on Egyptian treasures. How does Coins of Egypt stand out from the crowd? It does it in two ways. First of all, the arcade-style graphics are explosive and exciting, really fitting for a modern casino game. Secondly, a brilliant free spins feature that allows you to rack up coins into a series of three pots, giving you a chance to trigger an extra big prize. It’s difficult to come up with something fresh in this genre, but NetEnt has got it right here.

Jimi Hendrix (NetEnt) – 96.91%

One of the issues with having officially licensed slots – and this one is based on the rock legend and his music – is that the overheads are higher, as you have to license the music and imagery. So, it’s hats off to NetEnt for keeping the RTP so high, while also offering a rip-roaring game based on

Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix

. The game isn’t all style over substance though, and you will find some excellent special features and ways to win.


Immortal Romance (Microgaming) – 96.86%

Moody teenage vampires aren’t to everyone’s taste, but this slot inspired by the Twilight series of books and films really has some bite (sorry). 243 All-Ways paylines (a Microgaming speciality) and the chance to win some huge prizes. Indeed, the game has four separate free spins features that are similar to the ones found in the hugely popular Thunderstruck II. It makes sense to, then, to choose Immortal Romance as it has slightly better rate of return to players.

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