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7 reasons why tablet gambling is not as popular as smartphone gambling


Online casinos like Kingbilly Canada are platforms that provide internet-based gambling experience to their users through a means. In our today world, wagering of something valuable or money on an uncertain event has become predominant and now spreading like a wildfire with the advent of the internet making it very possible with so much ease to actually stake or wager anything from the comfort of your house or office with just an internet supported gadget. These events come with unpredictable and uncertain outcomes with various odds making it more fun, engaging and even addicting.

Tablet and Smartphones are both means through which various online games of luck, chance and skill are played for a price of which money is mostly that price. There are also other devices one could possibly use for online gambling such as laptops and desktops without any need of physically visiting the casino. For the purpose of this write-up, the tablet and Smartphone are to be considered.

In September, 2010, there was a report published by Juniper Research which said that the total sum of more than $40 billion would be wagered on online gambling. This presumption was based on the high growth of mobile casinos and the legalization of gambling in Europe and the US.

Whether it is a tablet or smartphone one wants to use for gambling, they are both portable and various online casino games are readily accessible on these devices. But then again, why is one considered more popular than the other since they both share similar features? The reasons for this lie in this article and would be divided into seven. With these seven reasons, one would come to see why the smartphones are more prevalent than the tablet when it comes to online gambling.

  1. Sales: There has since been a high rise in the production and sales of smartphones when compared to tablets. Statistics show that in 2019, about 1.37 billion smartphones were sold and 144.1 million tablets sold. It is quite evident from the above statistics and worthy to say that tablets are soon dying out and everyone is opting for the smartphone. Although, these numbers do not directly point out the online gamblers, one can invariably say that there is a greater percentage of a gambler owning and using a smartphone for gambling to those who own or use a tablet for the same purpose.
  2. Developer’s priority: When it comes to online casinos and gambling, the developers are not left out as they are responsible for this innovation. Be it web-based or application-base, we give them the credit. Because of the downturn in the sales of tablets today, the developers’ first priority is the smartphone. The rise in the sales of smartphones has made it become so popular in such a way that almost everyone thinks about it first. Be it a student who would need it for research, a marketer who equally needs it for sales promotion, even a business man also thinks about how he would promote his business through the use of smartphones. All these people are dependent on developers, because without them, this will not be possible. 

As a result of this, app developers think smartphones first because one is far more likely to purchase a smartphone before contemplating on getting a tablet.

  1. Weight and Size: Looking at a smartphone and a tablet, it is crystal clear that the former would likely be preferred over the later because of how light and small it is. Smartphones are way more compact than tablets. Their petite size and light weight just gives them that edge over tablets because one can easily transport a casino or any online gambling platform in his pocket not minding the size of the phone or distance he has to walk and when ready to place his bet, he brings it out anytime and anywhere. All this means that, when it comes to compatibility and most portable, the smartphone wins.
  2. Screen size: Most online gamblers often love the large screen sizes available on tablets which of course cannot be argued. Older smartphones could only boast of about 3.5 to 4 inches of screen size which did not offer much display and playing experience to the online gamblers and that user experience was just in the low hence, the tablets was preferred then.

In recent times, that has changed because most smartphones can boast of more than 7 inches screen size with HD quality thereby closing the gap of screen size problem between both devices. Thus, it gives users that experience they so deserve and also popularized smartphone gambling.

  1. Multi-tasking: One would argue that both gadgets are capable of performing many functions at the same time. Yes, that’s right. But what kind of task. Both devices can be used to surf the internet, listen to music, weather forecasting, GPS tracking and even social media but one cannot use the tablet for local calls or send SMS since they do not come with a Sim card feature. That is why most gamblers will go for the smartphone which is capable of all these and many more so that he won’t have to pass through the stress of switching from a smartphone to a tablet for gambling purposes and switching back to the smartphone for calls or texts. Even walking on the road and placing a bet at the same is not possible with the tablet. 
  2. On-the-go Gambling: It has already been established that smartphones are small in size, lightweight and can fit neatly into one’s pocket without ever needing to go around with a bag as one would with the use of a tablet, With this reason, online gamblers do not need to wait or look for a suitable place to bring out their tablet to place bets. With smartphones, gambling platforms can be accessed at anytime, anywhere and any place even while walking hence making it best suited for on-the-go gambling.
  3. Application compatibility: Since most people opt for smartphones than tablets with a ratio of about 50:1 which means that there are fifty people likely to own and use a smartphone over a tablet. Due to this reason, most popular mobile applications are developed to be most compatible with various smartphone devices than they would on tablets without any adjustments or forced running. That also goes for gambling applications because they are also made to work best on smartphones than tablets because of how popular it has become in our world today.

Kingbilly Canada offers one of the best online gambling platforms with a variety of games which could easily be accessed on either a smartphone, tablet or computer. However, online gambling is most popular and preferable on smartphones than on tablets or even the computer because of the aforementioned reasons. 

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