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Building automation systems: Know these X types


Building automation systems (BAS) have seen tremendous advancements in the recent years. They are changing not only how buildings are handled, operated and controlled, but also how such automated structures interact with the network and grid to enhance communications.

Today, with innovative developments in technology, building automation systems do more than just operate the building’s ventilation and cooling systems. Now, you can control temperature, building pressure, regulate humidity, adjust lighting, monitor function performances, find device failures, attain access control and a lot more.

Undoubtedly, business automation systems have become more agile and intelligent due to their improved capability to manage business success with increased, ease, safety, control, and sustainability.

Building automation: Need of the future

Considering the past and present energy consumption rates of commercial and residential buildings, nearly 50% of the energy that a building consumes gets wasted due to ineffective building management systems.

Whereas, implementing  intelligent building automation systems (BAS) provides smarter, connected, productive, secure and sustainable automation solutions to handle and control all necessary building functions.

Sustainable living will be given a priority in the coming years, and without innovative building automation systems, it will neither be realistic nor possible to achieve so.

Know the best types of building automation systems

You will find various inventive building automation systems designed for different applications. From Internet-of-Things, to complete wi-fi grids, you will find plenty of functions, features and specializations in automation systems for buildings.

However, before you decide to invest in smart building automation, you must know about the characteristics and functions of different systems.

Here are two intelligent building automation systems that you need to know about:

  1. Building management systems

Building management systems (BMS) are explicitly designed for small to medium-size buildings. Such automation systems are easy to install, while also enables none to minimal interruption for your everyday operations. Smart building management systems deliver instant energy savings so that you don’t have to compromise with comfort.

Some benefits that building management systems bring are:

  • • User-friendly interface with options to personalize functions
  • • Simplified daily operations for utilities such as schedules, alarms and reports
  • • Capability to convert data into actionable intelligence tasks
  • • Spectacular graphic experience on screens
  • • IT compatible and highly secure
  • Power management systems

Power management systems (PMS) are a next-generation solution for collaborative Internet of Things (IoT) solution, which due to its scalability, reliance, and security helps create future-ready intelligent buildings.

The IP-enabled hardware and software of power management systems address and control the ecosystem of the entire building. With the integration of business automation devices and cloud services, power management systems deliver enhanced performance and seamless data processing.

A power management system can fulfil the needs of not only smaller buildings but also for large to multisite corporate enterprises. Some of the benefits of installing such smart building automation systems are:

  • • Easy Maintenance, as you have the convenience to use your smartphone to support all operational tasks
  • • Improved reliability on equipment as you get insights and reports to reduce machine failures
  • • Increased efficacy and performance of your facility
  • • Allows faster troubleshooting in case of any equipment fault. You can seamlessly retrieve and share operational information, repair data, and other necessary technical logs

Experience automation now

The core function and purpose of any business automation system is to ensure comfort, security, and uninterrupted operations while saving substantially on money and also boost productivity. Research thoroughly and consult professional BAS retailers to match your suitability and pick the best products.

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