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Casino expert Douglas Morin explains how to make money from playing Online Casinos without a budget


Playing Online Casinos – With everything moving towards technology, online casinos have entered into the billion-dollar industry and offer a promising future.

The casino expert Douglas Morin (editor at the Canadian Open Gaming Society) continues to make life easy for players in Canada by making efforts to bring the gambling community and the vast public together. The main aim is to bridge the gap between gamblers and non-gamblers and to provide them with a platform where they can gamble without any hesitation and with great ease.

We can all learn a thing or two from Douglas Morin, especially when it comes to playing at online casinos without a budget.

Take advantage of free spins

Unlike physical, land-based casinos, you don’t have to bet straight away in order to play at an online casino. You’ll often see free spin promotions or discounts such as ‘Deposit $20 and get 200 free spins’.

The purpose of this is so that players can check out games first without having to lose their money, a very common occurrence for new players. The best part is, even though you invest zero or little amount of money, you can still earn real money if you win!

However, casinos need to keep their business up and running as well so they often set up wagering requirements to limit the number of times you can play. So, make sure you take a look at them before signing up.

All in all, it’s best to go for a casino that offers free spins so that you can master your skills at games and earn money in the long run. Baronmag did a free spins test recently that is worth reading.

Choose the right casino

This one is a real struggle and you need to take into account a number of factors before you can select a casino that will make you money.

High Payout

Make sure you choose a casino with a high payout, even for high prizes. A good payout percentage is 95% because it is crucial in determining your success as a player. To ensure that you will get a payout, make sure you sign up with a licensed casino. Also, make sure that it has no hidden fee – that’s a warning sign of shady casinos.


Keep a lookout for casinos that offer generous bonuses. A lot of online casinos gained popularity because of their welcome and regular bonuses, but you still need to read up on these before you sign up.

If the wagering requirement is impossible to meet, don’t go for it. Make sure the casino has a rollover rate under 50 times. The best ones will offer a rollover rate of around 20-25 times. All it takes is research to get this right.

Low-variance games

There are two kinds of players: those that play for fun and those that play to make money. While low-variance games may not be as exciting, it’s easier to make long-term money through them.

In any case, the overall best games to win money at are poker, blackjack, and slots – taking into account the RTP.

Playing Online Casinos

Some other tricks that you can use are avoiding side bets and playing conservatively. Make sure to stick to games with smaller jackpots and table games because they promise solid returns.

Learn more about the RTP Percentage

A casino’s Return to Player percentage is a crucial factor in determining how much money you can make out of playing. For example, you bet $200 and win $250. This means that the casino’s RTP percentage is roughly 250%. Of course, the higher this percentage, the better. Aim for casinos that have a percentage as close to 100 as possible.


Gambling has always been seen as a game of luck and chance, and while that may hold true, there are a number of factors that you can control in order to increase the probability of maximising investment returns.

The most important thing to remember is knowing when to stop and retiring on time. There is always an ideal time to leave the game instead of risking all your winnings only to lose them on the same day.

At the end of the day, you need to play smart in order to take your winnings home.

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