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Dollarama Online shopping now in Quebec


Are you ready to do your Dollarama shopping from your home or office and have it delivered directly to your front door? If so, you will be pleased to know Dollarama has launched their first online store, but only in Quebec for now – a fitting place for the giant retail chain’s pilot project, seeing as their first store opened in Matane in 1992 and their head office is still located in Montreal. The project is being used as a test before making online shopping available across Canada – but don’t get too excited (if indeed you are) thinking you can sit back and order a few kitchen utensils, aluminum foil, a couple of toys, a pack of markers or even a cart full other individually packed items. You won’t be able to. The ‘virtual’ shopping experience is for bulk transactions only.

Dollarama’s intention is to offer their products by the case, which makes complete sense for people in the market for party supplies and decor or office supplies like pens, binders and envelopes, or even cleaning products and paper towels. It even might work for those who include a daily, small snack like chips in their children’s lunch boxes. But be aware, you will not save any money buying in bulk, as all items will be sold at their regular in store prices – plus an $18 fixed shipping fee, even if you choose to go pick up your order at UPS who they partnered with. What you will save is your time, plus the benefit of not having to haul all those items home yourself.

All in all, their goal is really to address a need they recognize in their customers who want to buy in bulk and for small businesses and party planners – where it really makes sense. For more information and how to place an order go to: https://www.dollarama.com/en-CA/

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