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Film and Television Based Games – Surprisingly Diverse


Film and Television Based Games – Film and television shows don’t exist in a vacuum. As you might expect with pieces of modern media that prove popular enough to reach the mainstream, many of these manage to diversify out into other mediums. The forms which we are most familiar with, and the ones which we tend to see the most, are those which shift from television to film, or vice versa. What many people are not familiar with is just how profoundly both of these have expanded out into the field of games. In this article, we’ll go over a few of the most visible examples and, maybe on the way, we’ll help you find another way to experience your favorite show or film.

The Big Boys – Traditional Video Games

Traditional video games are those which have large standard releases on either console or computer. These often take the shape of games which are specifically built as tie-ins to larger films. Some of the larger and more popular of these include the fantastic games based on the Riddick series of films, and the classic and legendary GoldenEye 007.

Vin Diesel

Less commonly, these can cover any series which has a large or dedicated enough audience to support a lower cost but still officially supported release. Such games as those based on CSI or Iron Chef might not command an enormous fan base but their costs are low enough and they have enough on offer that they can still easily financially justify their own existence.

The New Media

Games these days are no longer held hostage to the traditional release and support structure of the old console/computer dichotomy. Technology has reached a point where so many facets of our digital lives are incredibly powerful, and thus capable of supporting some game-based interpretation of films and TV. The first way this tended to appear legally and professionally was through online casinos like Dunder. These casinos were able to take on board official properties like Game of Thrones, legally license them, and offer them for their user base.

“Pocket Mortys – GOTTA CATCH ’EM ALL! – P”

The secondary way in which we see these games, and the most likely way in which you can play a digital version of almost every modern popular TV or film, is through mobile apps. These applications are also licensed in a similar way to casino based games, though it is only over the last couple of years that the market has reached a point where these games have proved their ability to draw in massive amounts of cash. In turn, this meant more businesses getting on board to the point that official apps are almost ubiquitous with every new release. This includes such popular series and films as Rick and Morty, Game of Thrones (in yet another form), and The Walking Dead.

Spoiled For Choice

One of the great things about these games is that they allow us to see our favorite media in a completely new light. Being able to be closer to the experience, to uncover background information and learn further about the plot and relationships of the characters does a lot to add to our overall enjoyment. As the mass media market continuously grows, it is only natural that these games will become increasingly popular and widespread. As to how far this can grow, we don’t quite know, but if Desperate Housewives can get a major video game release, then we have some indication that we are still far away from reaching a natural end.

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