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How online casino have evolved in Canada


The history of gambling in this part of the world is very long. According to some sources, even the native people that lived on the territory that we call Canada these days used to play games of chance. If we are talking about modern times, the first regulations came in the 19th century. As you may presume, they weren’t particularly affirmative. Moreover, gambling was prohibited by the Canadian Criminal Code until the 1970s.

The first act that legalized gambling was the 1969 Amendment to the Criminal Code, which allowed the lottery. In the following years and decades, the gambling industry was rising, so land-based casinos became a common thing as well. However, things have completely changed with the appearance of online casinos.

Most Canadian citizens prefer online casinos these days and websites such as Casinomartini is now also available for Canadian residence. Simply, the number of land-based casinos still isn’t that big in this country, while the benefits of online casinos are obvious, especially when it comes to comfort and convenience.

The evolution of online casinos in Canada is pretty similar to other countries in the world. First websites appeared with the arrival of the internet, sometime in the mid-90s. Through all these years, this way of gambling has been improving, which caused a rise in popularity as well. Of course, the Canadian government realized the potential of taxes and other incomes, so they started to work on first regulations.

As you may presume, the first online casino websites were offshore. That is such a typical thing for most developed countries and Canada was no exception. After all, the aforementioned Criminal Code is still actual, despite all the amendments and other changes. This law doesn’t treat offshore online casinos in any way. More importantly, it does not explicitly prohibit playing at online casinos. No Canadian citizen has even been prosecuted for playing an online casino or any other gaming website. Another very important thing to mention is that online casino winnings are not taxable.

That’s why the government has decided to legalize online casino operators. Keep in mind that sports betting in canada is still not completely legal. These days, it’s allowed to operate on Canadian soil. However, no website can operate without a license. According to some sources, the Canadian government works constantly on improving laws and other online gambling issues. At this point, we still don’t know the plans for the near future.

However, one of the most interesting things is that most Canadian citizens still prefer offshore online casinos. Some estimations suggest that gambling turnover at offshore casinos will reach c$450 million this year. That’s a pretty big sum, so it’s no wonder that the government is working on new regulations. We presume that most of them will be in terms of attracting new operators to Canadian soil. The variety of gambling options has always been highly appreciated by Canadian citizens, so we can easily presume the direction of further evolution. Online casinos will become more present on Canadian soil but, as we already mentioned, we still don’t know details about plans for the near future.

We may presume that provinces will continue with their regulations of casino space and that most of the legislation will remain at that level. One thing is for sure, and that leads us to the number of options. In this country, you can choose between land-based and online casinos, private and government-operated casinos etc. These things definitely won’t change.

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