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How to choose the right casino in Canada?


Picking the best casino in Canada isn’t that difficult. The country is very liberal when it comes to choosing from online operators. And the reason behind it? There are licensing agreements and also a rather liberal approach towards any offshore operators.

To make your search a little quicker and perhaps even more reliable, you can always stop by a trusted casino authority such as Spin Palace. This way you will save yourself the trouble of looking up brands, as the website linked here already has quite a few suggestions for you.

Great, so you already have suggestions on your hands, but how can you tell if the website is trustworthy? There are a few things to consider.

The Licensing Matters 

First off, you will want to double-check where the casino is licensed. Some operators actually enjoy permits from a Canada-based casino authority, in the face of the Kahnawake Commission. However, there are quite a few who hold a remote gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

They are equally recognized in Canada, but with a few wrinkles. They do not operate physically in the country, but the governments of provinces throughout Canada do not cut access to such a website.

All in all, an operator licensed in any of the three – and often a combination of two or more – is to be trusted as a rule of thumb. It always helps to look into the reputation, but overall, you almost certainly have enough to go on to make your choice.

Are Canadians Really Welcome?

The second thing you must ask yourself is whether the website has been optimized for Canadians to play on. It never hurts to have the currency in CAD$, for example, and this only costs the casino a nominal effort.

Not least of all, it saves you some conversion fees and you definitely want to keep these to a minimum. A great Canadian-focused casino will also make sure that you are having a blast by letting you access all bonuses in Canadian dollars.

It’s such a turn off to have to convert US$ or EURO into CAD$ because an operator has been sloppy and has refused to convert a few banners so as to make it handy for you. We definitely recommend sticking to the casinos that have actually bothered with that. 

What About the Payment Options?

This is another big thing you should be paying attention to. Payment options are quite handy or put another way – they are supposed to be! So if you are struggling with some payment method you aren’t entirely familiar with, it might be time to ask the question – are you sure this is what you need after all? With this being said, Canadian players should have access to a variety of cool payment options, not least of all Interac.

Payment processors mustn’t charge any fees for transfers, so keep this in mind. As to the casino, it’s often helpful to check out what the deposit and withdrawal limits are. In fact, payments are usually the aspect of Canadian casinos that people love to examine in full and not just gloss over the details. 

Simple as that. With this being said, you will definitely find the experience to be quite satisfactory as it is, so long as you stick with some of the best brands! 

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