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Lessons that the music industry should take from the gaming industry


The gaming industry is growing at an astonishing rate. People around the world love playing games in online casinos, such as Omnia Canada.  Newzoo predicts that the gaming industry will generate $152.1 billion in revenue by the end of the year. Clearly, the video games industry is worth paying attention to. While a lot of this success is attributable to the increasing popularity of video games, the developers and distributors also deserve a lot of credit. Here are some lessons that the gaming industry can learn from the music industry.

Create a community

The evolution of Fortnite over the past year is the one that marketers in every industry should be keeping a close eye on. The action game has transitioned beyond its status as another battle game and become a social space, where players can share things and even dance together. A good example of their marketing evolution would be the virtual concert with Marshmello. They introduced the Showtime mode and no one could attack during the performance. This helped Epic Games to shift their customer focus from a solo experience to a moment shared with millions of gamers worldwide.

The marketing team of Fortnite have doubled their efforts to create a community. Take a look at 2019 Fortnite World Cup. Over 2 million people tuned in to see the best compete in a three-day live event, bringing its users together in one place at the same time to celebrate its talent.

Gaming and music

There is one music company that should be appreciated for their work. The NOCopyrightSounds (NCS) have managed to tap into games as a subculture and give a soundtrack to millions of online gamers. They have released a piece of music that is similar to the sound most gamers love to hear. If you credit the creator in a specified way, you can use it freely in a non-commercial way. Their debuted artist Alan Walker now has close to a billion plays for his 5 most popular tracks on Spotify alone and has 20 million subscribers on YouTube.

Engage with the good and bad

According to a recent survey report, 87% of the surveyed gamers that have brought a consumer electronic product or service say they typically recommend the item to their friends, with 69% of them also being very likely to services on online sites. This is what marketers want, yet it can turn sour very quickly.

This indicates that you should be diplomatic and anticipate these responses before the content launch. You can’t do much if you receive a negative comment, but it’s essential to maintain your reputation and prepare as much as you can.

Early order incentives

One of the most controversial aspects of effort made by marketers in the gaming industry is the notion of pre-orders. With pre-orders, consumers purchase the game even before it’s released. These customers are guaranteed to receive a copy of the game at the earliest and they also receive an additional reward as well. 

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