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Linear Actuator Monitor Lift


A TV lift operated by electric linear actuator creates a cozy cinema mood when watching movies at home with friends. Ever wished to upgrade your apartments with the automation systems controlled by single “click”? Now you have this chance.

This technology can hide the TV monitor out of plain sight until a person needs it. Adjusting vertical position optimally, for eyes could have easily be focused on favourite movies becomes reality. Being controlled easily with wireless remote control, such a TV appearing “from nowhere” will become a great surprise for friends when they will come to watch films together. One of the best conveniences of such a technology is that it can be installed almost anywhere like inside cabinets, behind fireplace mantles, or on top of your dresser. Any monitor size, any size mount. All of these can be found on the Actuator Zone website.

Hiding the TV or maybe even the computer monitor possibly may become a perfect solution to gain more desk space in case if you really need one as well as if you already have tons of things on you over cluttered desk and there is no available space for something else. Or you can install such a system in your living apartment and adjust it so it could be capable to hide the monitor from the plain sight and lift it down from the ceiling when you want to rest in the evening in front of the favourite television show. Linear actuator monitor lift can be easily placed everywhere you want to watch your TV: in your bedroom, guest room, kitchen, and even bathroom. Worth to be mentioned that drop down TV lift is capable to keep your monitor in safety hidden from the steam and moisture when you take a hot shower and reveal after you finished and want to lie in the warm water of your jacuzzi.

Installation instructions are always attached to the TV lift you buy in such leaders of automation technologies like Progressive Automation. Still, think that hiding your 95-inches TV monitor is mission impossible. Then you have to know that linear electric actuator technology is capable to move – push and pull even extremely heavy weights, be it giant computer or favourite expensive TV. Developers of linear actuator TV lifts propose a wide variety of products suitable for almost any conditions and cases where the actual placement of the monitors might not satisfy its owners. Different shapes, colors and different specifications which make this technology and its mechanism quite adjustable for all the conditions of the interior.

Low ceiling is no longer the drawback if you wish your TV monitor to appear from the ceiling. Nobody will bump into your monitor if you will press the button of the remote control to command it hide away in the ceiling. Developers worked fair enough to make linear actuators as small and as tough as possible to satisfy the most demanding customers. Now linear actuator TV lift easily fits tight spaces like attics, walls, cupboards, and cabinets.

This project is so easy that it even can easily be named to be DIY. Installations of linear actuators, relay, and a motor are simple. Few screws with a couple of nuts and your monitor will be fitted to the frame of the whole construction you will easily buy from Progressive automations.

The technology of   TV lift is widely used in a variety of places; in hotel rooms, watercraft, luxury vehicles, trading centers, gyms, podiums and so on. Some of these mechanisms even improved with the smart home integration kit making it connected to the whole range of other automated things in a house and controlled by a single remote control panel.

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